Saturday, September 17, 2005

I'm putting a peg on my nose today

and voting for Labour. Find out why here.


Anonymous Generic Viagra said...

Hi, listen dear blogger, I tried to read this post, because one friend told me... but there's a huge banner in front of my screen and I can't take it off! I already closed the window and opened it again and it won't work.

4:36 am  
Anonymous xl pharmacy said...

This is perfect, I love what you did, I also love to pierce my nose because I love pain, that's why I have many piercings in my face, what do you think about it, I think I'm like you.

5:33 am  
Anonymous jason manalo said...

i use to have a tall now 16 years old and my friends always gives a good compliment about it..but still i wasn't contented yet so i tried to pinch my nose for like 5 minutes every night before i go to sleep and also put a peg on it sometimes..its been like 3 months ago when i started it and WOW! it grew even more taller and its looks guys, START PINCHING YOUR NOSE TODAY!!

2:43 pm  

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