Thursday, January 12, 2006

LSD's father about to bring up his hundred

The New York Times is running an article on Albert Hoffman, the 'father' of LSD and near-centenarian. Hoffman comes across as a rather likeable mixture of scientist and mystic: his accounts of the painstaking, almost alchemical, development of LSD in a series of laboratories are juxtaposed with paeans to 'living nature', and memories of a mystical experience in an alpine forest. Hoffman calls LSD his 'problem child': he decries both the demonisation and the popularisation of the drug, suggesting that it should be neither completely legalised nor completely proscribed. While condemning the calls of Timothy Leary and others for the mass distribution of LSD, Hoffman insists that the drug is a 'medicine for the soul', when used properly. He points out that the drug was used with considerable success in psychoanalysis, before being demonised and proscribed by the anti-drug czars of Western law enforcement agencies. LSD certainly doesn't appear to have done Hoffman any harm...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Free your mind of the lies of the Media. Medicine for the soul indeed... Human Beings are POWERFUL, Understand your potential, Take charge of your own life. Tune in, Turn on, Drop out...

12:09 am  

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