Friday, March 17, 2006

A busy day

Tomorrow is the third anniversary of the invasion of Iraq, and also the date of the Big Pay Out, a march demanding a better deal for low-paid Kiwi workers. There's an anti-war rally outside the US consulate on Customs St East from noon; the Big Pay Out march starts an hour later at the bottom of Queen St, and ends in Myers Park, where there'll be a concert featuring 8 Feet Sativa, Stylus, Olmecha Supreme, Geneva and the redoubtable Shona Laing.

That's if the owners of the Big day Out event don't get their way - they're threatening Big pay Out organisers with legal action over breach of copyright!

The Communist Workers Group has a leaflet on indymedia explaining the connections between the efforts of Kiwi workers to secure a better deal and the imbroglio in Iraq.

Also worth checking out on indymedia is Kirsty's note on the unholy alliance the Maori Party has made with the Nats to push the anti-worker 90 Day Probation Bill through parliament.

Maori Party supporters can't say they weren't warned!

PS: In case anyone is wondering, the marchers in that second photo belong to the Worker-Communist Party of Iraq. They're protesting arbitrary detentions by the occupiers of Iraq. To find out more about the Worker-Communists check out the CWG leaflet and the URLs at the bottom of it.


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