Tuesday, July 11, 2006

He's not tainted, but Italy's victory is


Anonymous Anonymous said...

According to the "top forensic lipreader" quoted in the SMH today, he called him "son of a terrorist whore".

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Blogger Richard said...

I think the Itallians were not playing as well as the French -of course they are good - but the French played better - or atthe veryleast ethItalisn kenw therwer dangerous. Now - they wanted to get rid of Zidane and taunted him - he made a mistake -a very human reaction - perhaps at the wrong moment - he needed to amke formal protest.

Now if there were racist or taunts about his mother - it is understandable he head butted. The article reflects a truth (as far as we can ascertain so far) - I read abook by (the brother of the only convicted terrorist of 9/11) he and hsi brother were Algerians living in the South of France - racism was daily thing they had to endure (it is clearly endemic in Europe (and elsewhere of course) in many places including Fracne and Italy) -this by the way wasn't an explanation of why his brother became a so-called terrorist (he didn't know the reason for that or where his brother was in fact) - it was basically just a biography and was very interesting - so racism is very much abroad in France and Italy (etc) - I also felt - hard to prove of course - that the Italians are corrupt - the situaton in Italian soccer reflcts that - that said - it is hard to work out what happenned as it is all speculation.

Certainly it needs to be investigated by FIFA and others.

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