Thursday, November 23, 2006

The great Tolkien debate

continues here.


Blogger Richard Taylor said...

Maps - glad you put this link here - you DO have a habit of misrepresenting or parsing rather assiduously others' writings or arguments! I am of course more or less in agreement with the view (of the Tolkien enthusiast) - as far as it goes I love the LOTRs movies and I enjoyed The Hobitt - BUT I haven't read enough of Tolkien's LOTRs to evaluate whether he is a "great" writer (if indeed this matters and as far as I see it) - and in fact the quality of his writing cf to Joyce is almost irrelevant (or indeed Finnegans Wake can be seen as much as an "escape" (Alvarez in his book about Beckett calls it "a dead end") as anything else) - but perhaps not enirely as style can reflect philosophy etc.

Of course there are I suspect greater films and "greater" books - but I agree with the writer here that the LOTRs gives hope. For me there are more interesting writers of course...but that is another discussion (I am not as greatly enthusiastic as the person on the link is (as I say not having read LOTRS ... but I think his points are reasonable)). I have come to enjoy Jackson's movies.

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