Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Spam poetry

From: "Courtney Engel"
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Subject: The Ways have been dark for long generations, yet we grew them.
Date: Mon, 13 Aug 2007 11:00:17 -0400

R*e*a,d t*h.e n+ews, thi nk abou t t h,e imp,act, and
j_u+m_p on t_h+i's fi.rst th_ing T_'omorrow morni--ng! $ 0.4 2 is a g*i_f t at t,h.i s pri,ce...

Do y*o+u r homewor'-k a n,d wat*ch t-h_i's tra.de Monda_y mo rning.
G+e*t,s t.h*e m_arkup rep'resent,ing t-h*e chi +ldren of t.h i s n'o+d,e_.
It w_a,s spewi.ng a'n*d crackl+in*g l,i+k+e a m_achine g+u_n*, b u-t I th ought I_'*d b+e-s-t to dri+nk it befor e it tu rned i n.t,o a wat_ersp'out or a d'u+s+t sto_rm.

It r_u.n s in t*h*e fami'ly.

O_n*l y o_n*e re mains up t.here n,o w-.
Wi+ne, d+o_g,s a-n+d drea ms h+a d s+e*e.n .