Friday, December 12, 2014

Three shots from the same war

Beneath the smooth lamplit tar of Highway One: the gravel voice of an old Waikato road, the bones of ambushed coaches

Beside Onehunga's main street the pressganged soldiers of the Orpheus await resurrection, remembering the rotten teeth of Plymouth pier, and skiff-sized breakers on the Manukau bar

At Rangiriri cemetery, wild imperial soldiers are parted from their booze and loot, and made to stand at last in silent respectful rows. Death is a drill sergeant.


Blogger AngonaMM said...

A new form of photo-historical narration? Thanks for these photos, and the commentary.

9:48 am  
Anonymous Scott said...

Hi Angona,

I've been putting stuff like this on twitter, in shameless imitation of the British psychogeographer David Southwell, who runs this account:

It seems to me that Southwell has made the brevity of twitter into a virtue, and also found a way of annotating images in a manner that's neither self-indulgent nor pedantically scholarly. He's made tweeting into a new and interesting literary form.

Alas, a lot of my friends don't agree with me: they still see twitter as inimical to art!

1:30 pm  
Blogger jacksmith said...

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