Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Seekers of gold

I've been fiddling with the manuscript of Ghost South Road, the book that will bring together my texts and the images of Paul Janman and Ian Powell. Here are a few of the photographs that are floating from file to file and chapter to chapter.
Pilgrims on Ghost South Road. They asked for directions, unfolded a map the size of a blanket. Coromandel peninsula was a wagging finger.
 'Seekers of gold dig up much earth and find little' Heraclitus wrote. Ian Powell took this photograph at Wiri.
His punctilious insects are gnawing at our lives. The timekeeper of Ohaupo.
Marinetti's attack craft has been rusting ever since he crash landed it at Ardmore.
Modelling Martyn's Farm, on the Ghost South Road: July the seventeenth, 1863. The ambush was laid out like a picnic blanket.
Petroglyphs under the Puniu River bridge recall the years  1958 and '73, when the river rose in flood and became a border again.
Putaruru Hotel was built in 1953, for the royal tour. The queen never stopped.


Blogger Brendan Corbett said...

Kia ora Scott.
I am trying to get hold of Paul Janman. I met him at a talk given by Vincent O'Malley in Mangere a few weeks ago and he was keen on joining us for a hikoi from Otahuhu to the Mangatawhiri River. A group of us from Mangere are trying to support all you historians and begin a tradition of commemorating 'The Great War for New Zealand' with an annual hikoi.
Starting at Otahuhu Monument Corner on the 8th of July 1pm.

5:46 pm  
Anonymous Scott Hamilton said...

That sounds fantastic Brendan! Paul's e mail He can also be reached through the Public Films site. I'll let him know you're trying to get in touch and I'll be keen to come along on the 8th myself.

12:41 pm  
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