Thursday, July 13, 2017

Good old-fashioned journalism

Kirsty Johnston quoted me in her article 'White Rage finds outlet in alt-right', which she published yesterday in the New Zealand Herald alongside a much longer piece called 'How New Zealand's alt-right movement plans to influence the election'.

I talked with Johnston on the phone when she was preparing her articles, and was impressed by the depth and duration of her research into New Zealand's far right. She created a fake social media profile, infiltrated the fora where white nationalists lurk and chat and share jejune and anti-semitic memes, and later interviewed a series of self-proclaimed admirers of Nazi Germany in the cafes of Auckland. When I learned that two of her interlocutors were Chinese I remembered the multi-ethnic Nazis who struggled through the mud at Ardmore airport a couple of years ago, as well as mixed race fascists who tried to seize Samoa at the beginning of World War Two.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Puffing your self off again, Scott? You are the alt-left and an internet troll. The Herald called you a sociologist but you are not are you? You are not employed in a university and having a degree does not make you a sociologist. The journalist got that one wrong or did you pretend to her that is what you are? You studied the left Labour in the UK, what makes you an expert on the alt-right in NZ? Secretly thats what you admire, it shows in your obsession with the right. Like any troll you love the limelight and dissing others.

5:07 pm  
Anonymous Scott Hamilton said...

What can I say, anon? I'm an evil dude, as you keep pointing out...

10:55 pm  
Blogger Richard said...

Anonymous is a Troll in fact, by definition. A real person Scott?

A good post. I've been doing a couple of reviews, finished basically, so haven't visited here lately. Good journalism indeed by Johnston.

12:27 am  
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