Monday, August 29, 2005

Go you Pommy bastards!

Eighteen long years of Australian cricketing dominance appear to be dissolving in Nottingham, as England follows its strong showing in the second and third tests of the Ashes series with a relentless assault on Australia's batting lineup. Bereft of the Sky coverage I was able to cadge last week, I'm reduced to sitting up reading ball-by-ball coverage on the marvellous cricket net site. Warne has just bit the dust, and with Aussie eight wickets second innings wickets down for a lead of only 89 runs the Poms must be able to sniff victory. Go you Pommy bastards! My enemy's enemy is my friend!


Blogger Joe Hendren said...

Go you Pommy bastards indeed! Best thing is that England have really improved their standard of play - they deserve to win - the aussies can't blame 'retirements' or 'rebuilding' as they pretty much have the same team when they were beating everyone a few years ago.

Have a hunt around the net, you may find an audio feed from somewhere - when I was in the UK I was able to listen to a NZ world cup game from an internet cafe!

11:21 pm  

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