Saturday, January 10, 2009

Pseudo-history: countering the cranks

I'm using this page to store a few links to posts critiquing pseudo-history and related forms of pseudo-scholarship.

A year after Martin Doutre's implosion, more racist nonsense from Franklin E Local

A small victory: Dargaville museum removes racist display by pseudo-historian Noel Hilliam

Have racists taken over Dargaville museum?

Rosanne Hawarden's balls-up

Why paranoid racists make bad historians

The Ironies of the pseudo-history of the 'Celtic NZ' circle

Why rat bone tests don't support the Celtic New Zealand thesis

Why racists want to misuse the Wairarapa skull

The Implosion of Martin Doutre: the author of Ancient Celtic New Zealand outs himself as a Holocaust denier

No cardigan required: why real history is always better than the counterfeit version

Pseudo-history in Onehunga: an exchange of letters

Why is the Women's Bookshop promoting Graham Menzies?

Why is a Gavin Menzies disciple obsessed with the urupa at Wairau Bar?

Should the University of Auckland be hosting an exhibition that celebrates Gavin Menzies?

More pseudo-history from Graham Menzies

The Moriori myth mutates: the strange case of John Wanoa

Why is Radio Live spreading anti-semitic lies?

'Incomprehensible', or anti-semitic? The dark side of Social Credit politics

Organic yoghurt, tofu - and neo-Nazi nutbars?

Anti-semites don't deserve our wall memorial hall: a letter to Councillor Cathy Casey

Karl Stead's got it right - anti-semites should be shunned


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