Sunday, August 28, 2005

New adventures in language

Is it the wonders of twenty-first century computer and copying technology, or just a strange desire of otherwise-sensible people to waste their limited disposable income on disseminating the lurid fantasies of dubious literary types? Either way, there are a number of interesting new publishing ventures appearing on the horizon for Kiwi exponents of innovative writing. Titus Press was founded this year, has already published several stylish volumes, and now has an online admirer and rival in the form of Cry Wolf Books, a venture with one foot in Auckland and the other in Edinburgh. I do like the logo, and the blurb on the under-construction website:

The High St bookshop has ceased to be a place to go for adventure...the most extraordinary writing today can be found in stranger corners, in electronic or physical form...Cry Wolf has been set up for the distribution of novels, poems and stories of high quality and extreme or innovative tendencies. We believe this is the true stream of literature in the present day, driven underground...we invite writers whose work falls into this category to submit short samples...

Titus' guidelines for submissions are here, and a report on the launch party for its first three books is here.


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