Saturday, September 10, 2005

brief #32 online (well, some of it)

Samples from the most recent issue of brief, the disreputable literary journal of which I recently became managing editor, are now available at the New Zealand Electronic Poetry Centre. As I mentioned in an earlier post, brief #32 was dedicated to Joanna Paul, the painter, poet, pioneering feminist, and environmental activist who died tragically and unnecessarily in Rotorua a couple of years ago.

NZEPC showcases a couple of lovely memoirs by Leicester Kyle and Bernadette Hall. For a neat visual tribute to Joanna, check out my mate Hamish Dewe's 'Blessings on Morandi'.


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Hi Scott. Thanks for your comments.

I have been working on this topic intensely since 1998 (when John Rees's book came out).

I hope to publish something in Cultural Logic on dialectical logic soon. If you check out the many discussions at:

you might be able to discern from where I am coming.

My thesis on this topic is about 3/4's finished. It is aimed at killing off dialectics (but not Historical Materialism, which I fully accept). Why I aim to do this is connected with the spectacular lack of success dialectical thinking has inflicted on our movement now for 130 years.

If you want more details, e-mail me at



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Blogger Red Menace said...

Ignore the Red Menace Tag!

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