Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Lock up your wife, your daughters, and yourself

Concerned about the direction this country is headed in? Worried about the Muslims/Asians/Maoris/gays taking over the show? Think the Japs, Jerries or commies might have a second wind?

Forget about the bomb shelter or the second passport - the blockhouse is the answer! We stumbled upon Cameron's Blockhouse whilst wandering the countryside outside Wanaganui the other day. Built in 1869 by a red-blooded farmer who wanted to keep that dodgy bugger Tito[commie dally bastard!]kowaru away from his wife and daughters, the blockhosue never saw active service, except as a barn. Its reinforced clay walls and gun sights were restored fifteen years ago by a group of survivalists masquerading as local history enthusiasts.

So what are you right-wing nutjobs doing blogging? You should be building!


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