Wednesday, March 29, 2006

News from France

Think I'm going to post about the biggest joint worker-student demonstrations in France since 1968, and the panic they are causing in the ruling class there? Nah. I just wanted to mention that my reply to that silly old bugger Philip Temple's arguments about the census has been pasted up here on the Paris-based France-New Zealand Association website. Priorities, eh?

Actually, I tried to get a debate about the situation in France going here on indymedia, but nobody wanted to play :(

Here are some other analyses I've found of events in France:

The In Defence of Marxism site, which is run by the Grantite International Marxist Tendency, has a very optimistic view of the situation in France, and talks of a pre-revolutionary situation developing.

Workers Power is also bullish, but mindful of the dangers of a sellout by France's union leadership.

The World Socialist Website, which belongs to the small but prolific and internet-savvy International Committee for the Fourth International outfit (they're Healyites, if you must know), has a report which includes some interesting detail but ends up with the same old mantra that everyone else on the left is rubbish and only a new workers' party led by - well, guess who? - can bring the French workers to victory.

Over in Blighty, the Lenin's Tomb blog links the French strike to yesterday's walkout by a million British public sector workers, via a rather cryptic quote from Walter Benjamin and a series of evocative photographs.


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It's clear that France is still paying the price of 1789.

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Sanjay Wells

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