Friday, July 14, 2006

Blogging from the left side of the ditch

My review of Louis Althusser's 'new' book is up on Aussie's Labor Tribune site, after some gentle massaging from editor Marcus Strom. Marcus has evidently been a busy bee: as well as setting up Labor Tribune, he is one of the twenty movers and shakers at Leftwrites, the stylishly designed new blog that features commentary from across the Aussie left spectrum.

Another Ocker blog worth checking out is auswatch, which is produced by a gang of bright young things typing furiously amidst the bright lights of Sydney. One of these brainy creatures is Mike Beggs, a born and bred Kiwi who had solemnly sworn to raise the IQ of this blog before following the traitorous path of Clarrie Grimmett, Neil Finn, John Clarke and Russell Crowe* and defecting to the left side of the ditch. Traitor! Splitter!

*Actually, Australia and the Rabbitohs can keep Russell...

Update: There's an interview with Marcus in the latest Weekly Worker.


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