Saturday, July 15, 2006

Hear Bill get a grilling

The enigmatic Bill Direen was recently pinned down for twenty minutes by National Radio's arch-interrogator Kim Hill. The woman who broke John Pilger soon had Bill spilling the beans about the cultural and political scene in his adopted France, about the recent Kiwi-French literary festival in Paris, about the price of rock stardom, about the new avant-garde publishing venture Titus Books , and about his own new novel. You can listen to the action here, thanks to Muzzlehatch's unrivalled technical wizardry.


Blogger Dr Jack Ross said...

I thought Bill did very well, actually. The questioning seemed so lackadaisical that it was entirely up to him to extract significance from the conversation ... both of them kept their cool (no mention of the new rock gods, though ...)

2:06 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who, pray tell, is the proud possessor of the bumble bee - or should I say bumbling bee, given their vast history of incompetence - that cab be heard buzzing faintly during the eleventh minute of this lecture?


I am yours etc
Sanjay Wells

2:16 pm  

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