Sunday, September 10, 2006

The end is nigh

The trouble with open publishing is that it sometimes means publishing stuff like this.

A couple of questions, though, for the silly buggers who think that the Bible predicts that a nuke war will break out on the 12th of September, 2006:

1. Will you be good Popperians and submit yourselves to the falsification test over this prediction? I mean, if the world doesn't go up in smoke on the 12th, will you drop the whole Sky God thing and do something more useful with your brains, or will (as I fear) apocalypse and His Second Coming merely be rescheduled?

2. Which 12th of September are you talking about? After all, New Zealand - or more precisely the Chatham Islands, which not everybody considers a part of New Zealand - leads the world in time, so any apocalypse which begins in the Middle East or America on the 12th is likely to come on the 13th day of our month.

Or is it written that the apocalypse will begin as soon as the first part of the world enters the fateful 12th of the month? Will World War Three kick off on the Chathams, and if so, how? I know the islanders have a reputation as a rough bunch, and some of them have been known to fire spear guns at rival crayfishers from their boats, but nuclear war seems a bit beyond their capabilities...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

George Bush is a secret Christian.

12:49 pm  
Blogger Skyler said...

I don't believe George Bush is very secretive about being a evangelical Christian!

7:50 pm  

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