Sunday, September 10, 2006

'Jack Ross is not yet available'

That's the message you get if you type the name of the man one well-lubricated pundit called 'New Zealand literature's fastest-rising star' into the search engine of the beguiling but shamefully incomplete literature map website.

Even worse, the mighty Bruce Springsteen also draws a blank! What do these people know about literature, eh? Don't take it personally, Bruce, you're in good company...

I did manage to get an intriguing result (Kierkegaard as a soulmate?!?) for John Ashbery, who has his nose in front in this blog's greatest living writer poll.

Come to think of it, has anyone noticed the physical similarities between Jack and John?


Anonymous Jack Ross said...

Yup, it surely is a scandal ... Personally, I reckon he looks a bit crazier, but then he ain't being photographed in the Takapuna Public Library ...

8:44 am  

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