Sunday, October 15, 2006

Backing Dennis Perrin

This message comes from Louis Proyect:

One of my favorite general interest, leftwing blogs--besides James Wolcott's--is Dennis Perrin's "Red State Son". Unlike Wolcott, who has a lucrative day job writing for "Vanity Fair" (alongside the wretched Christopher Hitchens), Dennis is a blue-collar stiff who has been working as a janitor in recent years. Such are the vagaries of American society that being a trenchant prose stylist does not get you high-paying jobs writing for glossy magazines, although Dennis has been a highly respected professional writer over the years.

In any case, Dennis now faces loss of his job and hopes to get something going as a full-time writer once again. I certainly hope that he is successful. In the meantime, those who want to help sustain an extremely valuable dissident voice are encouraged to click the paypal link on his blog and chip in, as I just did with a $25 contribution.


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