Friday, October 27, 2006

Pop Art in Schallstadt

In 1992 I spent many days at Werner Berges' family home in Schallstadt, near Freiburg (Germany) , while on student exchange there. I was friends with his daughter Leoni who had done an exchange to New Zealand with one of my best friends. I have many fond memories of my time in Freiburg and staying at the Berges' home (an old farm house and artist' haven) - their house was always open to everyone and welcoming.

'Born in Cloppenburg in 1941, the artist Werner Berges was among those who first practised and established Pop Art in Germany. He is one of the most renowned German pop artists and is included in numerous public and private collections worldwide.

Glowing primary colours, clearly defined contours, the application of halftone dots and grid-lines, which playfully lend the paintings an air of the mechanically reproduced, are all typical of his works. Berges’ works are continually concerned with images of women culled from the world of advertising, which attain a new meaning and status through his artistic handling.

Women are his subjects – dazzling models and stars from the worlds of advertising and fashion photography. Erotically posed bodies, seductive looks and radiant faces are rendered in rich colours, halftone dots, grid lines and collage.' (from

Werner Berges lives and works in Schallstadt near Freiburg and Cadaques in Spain.


Blogger Richard Taylor said...

It must have been great to meet such an interesting and friendly artist - his art is excellent - for pop art one rarely uses the term "beautiful" - but these examples are both erortic and beautiful.

11:40 pm  
Blogger Skyler said...

It was interesting meeting him and his family. He epitomised the bohemian artist and lived a very idyllic lifestyle. I agree that you don't usually associate pop art with being "beautiful" but there is a quality in Werner's work that lifts it up and it is beautiful.

8:29 am  

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