Monday, January 15, 2007

Urgent Action: Tibetans Still Detained in Aftermath of Nangpa Pass Shooting!

'On September 30th Chinese border troops opened fire at a caravan of seventy-three Tibetans fleeing to Nepal through Nangpa Pass. Kelsang Namtso, a seventeen year-old nun from Nagchu prefecture, was killed and twenty year-old Kunsang Namgyal is also feared dead. The Chinese government's perpetration of human rights abuses in Tibet was exposed to the global community at a time when China is trying so hard to show a respectable face to the world. Despite all the media attention and foreign diplomatic pressure, thirty-two Tibetans from the group, including fourteen children, are reported to have been detained by the border patrol. Chinese officials have yet to release information about of the detainees' whereabouts or well-being. SFT is stepping up the campaign for their release and demanding an immediate end to the attacks by Chinese border patrol on Tibetan refugees. Please join this effort now by sending the urgent appeal here.

For more information on the shootings see the wikipedia entry


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