Sunday, March 18, 2007

International Day Of Action

Yesterday Maps, Muzzlehatch and I (try and spot us in the photos) attended a protest in Auckland as part of the International Day of Action, marking the 4th anniversary of the invasion and occupation of Iraq.

It was organised by Global Peace and Justice Auckland. They are calling for -
  • Foreign Troops to be withdrawn from Iraq (In a recent poll more than 70% of Iraqis want foreign troops out)
  • New Zealand to withdraw its army contingent from Afghanistan where it is helping bolster a puppet regime organised by the US
  • The government to abandon plans to send a frigate to the gulf region in support of US interests
  • An end to US threats to attack Iran

Auckland University Students for Justice in Palestine, are calling for all students, youth and citizens to attend a rally and march from the Auckland University Quad, at 12pm on Tuesday, March 20, to call for the New Zealand Superannuation Fund to divest from 12 companies that are either producing nuclear weapons, producing cluster bombs, causing massive ecological destruction or committing systematic human rights and labour violations.

The superannuation fund currently holds NZ$64 million worth of shares in these 12 companies.
Read more here

See Indymedia for more action and protests around the country
Maps has written about the Iraq in our backyard here - making us more aware of what our troops are involved in in our region.

More photos from my own camera to come shortly...


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