Monday, April 02, 2007

Be there

Here's the text and the pic (thanks yet again Ellen) from one of the posters Titus Books is distributing around town to promote the launch of three new books on the 12th.

Even if you can't stand the arty-farty world of literature, come along and experience The Vietnam War - I heard them play a couple of nights ago in Pt Chev, and they sound like no other band active in Auckland at the moment. Imagine Syd Barrett jamming with Dylan and Cash in a Nashville basement in 1969...

He Don’t Read Titus Books

‘When I want to feel a surge of patriotism or connect all of my emotion, I turn to poetry’
- George W Bush, 7/9/2000

George won’t be at the launch of three new Titus Books:

Will Christie’s luce cannon

Scott Hamilton’s To the Moon, in Seven Easy Steps

Richard Taylor’s Conversation with a Stone

Backed by the sounds of The Vietnam War

At Alleluya Café, St Kevin’s Arcade, K Rd - 6.30pm
Thursday the 12th of April 2007

‘Titus is the Flying Nun of twenty-first century Kiwi literature’
- Jack Ross

‘With Titus, NZ lit just got a whole lot more interesting’
- Katherine Liddy, Landfall


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