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East Timor update

Violence continues in East Timor in the lead up to Monday's Presidential poll. Supporters of the two main candidates, the pro-Australia Jose Ramos-Horta and Fretilin's Lu Olo, have been attacking each other in the capital Dili. The Anzac troops who are occupying the country under the flag of the UN have also been targeted: three of their vehicles have been seriously damaged in recent days. 'UN police' have fired 'warning shots' near the Australian embassy.

My piece on the contribution of the Anzacs to the election campaign has turned up in Portugese translation on this blog, and in Ocker translation on the Labor Tribune website. The Aussie group blog leftwrites has kicked off a debate on the Anzac presence in East Timor; argument is also raging at Topix East Timor, where a Timorese exile has posted an attack on the behaviour of Australian troops in his native country.


Blogger Seamus Breathnach said...

Respecting the following concerns and East Timore, the following letter was published on the following URL,, since when both letter and URL have disappeared. One wonders why!

The Pope and the Ousting of Prime Minister Mari Alkatiri

East Timore has contracted the worst disease in the known world -- Holy Roman Catholicism! I have no doubt that East Timor's former prime minister Mari Alkatiri was ousted by the plots and plans of the Vatican. Mr Alkatiri didn't give Benedict XVI special fertility rights over the education of East Timore's children in futurity -- a measure that is being increasingly denied in Europe and the West generally.

East Timor , like Iraq, is strategically placed for the global agenda of the Christian conquest. Every Christian should be as ashamed at the Chruch's machinsations as they are at the Church's role in the Holoacuast and any of its myriad campaign against anyone who wants to be free of them, from the time of the Crusades to the Hugenot uprisings to the 'small people' around the world.

Of course the Catholic Chruch will marshall its minions -- by the hundreds of thousands -- as a victim of the Indonesia that they purposely split, as they split so many countries before East Timore , eg. Ireland, Yugoslavia, Vietnam, etc.. The Catholic Church is the original victim. Even as the official religion of the Empire and the inspiration of the worst terrors in world history, from the Spanish Inqusition to the war in Vietnam, it was still playing the poor victim.

It does this in order to summon world sympathy. It is the only Empire that has such a grasp of international armies. Even the US has not got its universal privileges, whther in taxation, property, or moving allied armies to act on their behalf.

Besides its physical force(s), the Catholic church will also mobilise the enormous world charities it runs, in the name of something or other , but really to augment its staggering forts of liquid and other assets. Caritas and like charities are about responding to military means mediated through the Catholic church. Technically the catholic Church is not entitled to any taxation-relief where it acts politically. But because it is an Internatioal force, it escapes all rules and regulations that pinion others, and benefits from all sympathies.

It's object is perfectly simple; they want their golden egg, no matter who rules. They want the next generation , and the next, and the next... The IRA have surrendered the future of the Irish children (in Northern Ireland) to the Cahtolic church, notwithstanding their inordinate proclivity to bugger them. In Zimbabwe the Church has also stepped into the breach becasue ,at this late stage, it smells the advantages of deposign Mugabe. Who educated Mugabe? Who was it that boasted of is Catholic educaiton some decades ago?

And that's what the Chruch militant wants in East Timore. Having split Indonesia, it has come back for the children. The spiel is usually aimed at weak-mineded people. In this vein, the church puts it out (through so many unanswerable channels) that it has 'alwasy protected' the East Timorese from the colonial powers of the Portuguese. It never tells the people that it was the Catholic church who first got the Portuguese to enter Indonesia in the first place. "Go ye , teach all nations" : and teach them a lesson in the name of the One Holy Roman Cahtolic Church!

What can one do to help East Timore and the world that the Cahtolic church invades no matter who is hurt?

Oppose them! Oppose them everywhere! Write to their leader , Pope Benedict XVI and tell him to leave the people of the world alone. Jesus never wanted him to force his way into their country. Jesus never wanted to Romanise the cultures of the world, and Jesus never made him Infallible over anything!

The bet is still on: A Pound To A Penny, The Pope Starts A War With China!

Seamus Breathnach

8:29 am  
Blogger seamus breathnach said...


There are many people -- educated English and

There are many people -- educated English and Irish men among them -- who could not believe that the Pope of Rome would be so treacherous as to start and support an unjust war for over almost a thousand years. ‘No way’, they claim, ‘ could the Catholic Chruch start a war and then hide its misdeeds.’ This denial is partially due to the relentless efforts made by the Irish Church members, powerful men in all forms of Irish education, to keep the truth from an unquestioning public. As far as corporate propaganda is concerned the Roman Chruch has no peers.

The documents demonstrating these matters are many and scattered over several centuries and languages. But the main documents which demonstrate without doubt the treachery of the Papacy are now a matter of public record. And five of these documents from the mouths of those most closely associated with the the sale of Ireland can be found on the following WebPage.

Directly because of the Papal Bull ‘Laudabiliter’, the native Gaelic people were pitted against the Norman Christians and then against the transplanted Christian English. The struggle continued until the native Gaelic pagans were obliterated — since when, to the present day, not a thousand families in Ireland can speak Gaelic, contempt for the language being universally shown in the Jesuit-owned third level schools, colleges and universities, where hardly a fluent lecturer can be found.

After the Reformation, of course, the thousand year war instigated by the Papacy continued as between English Protestant and ‘Irish’ Catholic.

Anyone who has a sense of humour should read how Fianna Fail — the Church’s main political party in Ireland — keeps going all the way to East Timor. No one quite knows why. The Vatican take is that these Irish people, who have been fighting for so long for Catholic conquest and Emancipation , have something important to tell the East Timorese. The smart money is on the notion that the Irish are doing what they know best; they are doing the work of the Pope , and are really in East Timor to steal it, just as Ireland was stolen.

If anyone doubts the documents relating to Ireland, which was, perhaps, one of the first countries to fall to the blackguard Church of Rome, let him read the history of Ireland and refresh himself as to the intermittent risings and skirmishes, endless burnings and hangings, and thousands -- maybe milliions of Irish people -- torn from their roots and sent as felons to American, Australia, New Zealand and througout the world. Irish Catholicism is living proof of the fact that ‘crime does pay’. For a shilling a houshold, Pope Adrian IV sold Ireland into slavery to his fellow countryman, Henry 11, and the enormity of the bloodshed that was to follow from generation to generation, until from each county the native pagan people were uprooted, demoraliosed, demonised and destroyed.

Anyone who cares to read these documents will find in them a paradigm for colonial Christianity everywhere and its racial hatred of the simple native peoples who have dared to think differently to that of Rome.

Moreover, it appears from these documents that the Pope and his minions have occupied Ireland illegally and unconstitutionally for some fifteen hundred years, since when they engineered Irish fertility to extend their empire through the Irish diaspara. Even to the present day Irish ‘vocations’ have extended throughout the world, the current craze being that of East Timor, where the Minister for Foreign Affairs imagines he has a mandate from the people (but has it actually from the Pope) to interfere in matters he knows nothing of, save to do the same in East Timor as was done in Ireland. The Irish are out in East Timor to steal it and to set up antagonisms on behalf of Catholicism that will last forever. The Christian conquest is a recipe for disaster in the world and while the Popes have hardly ever visited Ireland (or are they likely to visit East Timor), they have drained the country of its people, its wealth and its peace in the most inhuman and relentless manner.

One can only hope that by making these documents available some Irish men will reconsider what their country did and still does in this world. They may even question the entire use of government on behalf of the Vatican.


Seamus Breathnach

10:27 am  
Anonymous seamus breathnach said...

Wikileaks has recently released the Papal campaign to provoke all bishops in China to resist the civil authorities. What he wants -- as per the usual campaign -- is to make martyrs of some description or other. And with the rank of episcopal martyrs, the Pope will become suitably indignant (a bit like Tertullian, who loved a good Christian Donnybrook!). Then, the Black Pope will call in all the Jesuit universities, the assorted orders, horrified nuns, Murdock and the Press moguls, and embarass Anglo-America and Australia and Canada, to enter the fray. Look how the Pope got to enter the UK with his machinations with Iran! Was this through the Jesuitical use of the Indians?

In any event, a provoked war will yet again divide world opinion between the 'wounded' Christians of Europe and the world plan of 'Atheistic Communism'. The waters that divided so many border and created so many world wars, still present in the divisions in Korea, Ireland, Indonesia, etc., etc.., will spring to life yet again -- and alll for the re-assertion of the Vatican Jesus-Myth!

Did someone back a Pound to a Penny the Pope starts a war with China?

Seamus Breathnach

2:36 pm  

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