Wednesday, April 25, 2007

A note of protest

In a string of articles and blog posts I've complained about the indifference of the New Zealand left to the Anzac occupation of East Timor. My complaints are now well and truly out of date, thanks to the small but high-profile protests staged by anti-imperialist activists at Anzac Day dawn ceremonies in Auckland, Wellington, and Christchurch.

Many Kiwis will be shocked and angered to turn on their televisions today and see images of young men and women adding a dissonant note to a hallowed national event; it will be necessary to explain the reasons for the protests carefully. The Troops Out Now website set up recently by Wellington activists makes a good contribution to this job.


Blogger Richard said...

I think Anzac day is hogwash - I hate the RSA etc and I always have - I see them all as warmongers.

I don't buy into this crap that someone else died for me.

I'll do my own dying.

What about seeing soldiers as murderers unless they are fighting wars of self defence as the Chinese against the Japanese - the Vietnmese against the US and so on.

Wars are caused by those who pull the triggers. There is (are) powerful case(s) for a refusal to fight in wars - ever.

The Russians and the Chinese made a vast sacrifice (millions more were killed than the so-called Allies) in beating the Germans and the Japanese- the US - Britsh NZ-Australian effort was pathetic in comparison. We should burn more NZ flags and remember the dead Vietnamese (about 3 or 4 million) people slaughtered by the US and Australians and New Zealanders and the Koreans killed also. We must remember those murdered by the US and NZrs and others in Iraq and Afghanistan. We should burn NZ flags remembering those in East Timor or the Solomons or wherever who just want to be left to sort their own problems out.

Anzac day - hypocritical warmongering hogwash.

2:42 am  

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