Friday, April 20, 2007

Seeking Pynchon

It's a quarter to four - a quarter to four in the morning - and I'm sitting in a deserted warehouse filled with misfiring TVs trying to stay awake by downing black coffee and reading online exegeses of the novels of Thomas Pynchon. Go figure. This is quite interesting, though - as a hunter of the most pitiful scraps of EP Thompson's correspondence I can understand the immoderate excitement that a letter of two paragraphs can create...

Update: it's 5.26 and I'm still conscious! Here's another, sturdier piece of literary detective work, done by a neuroscientist rather than an archive-comber...


Blogger Richard Taylor said...

I'd like to see your PhD on E P Thompson as - transformed into a book - with all aspects including your searches for his letters etc and things happening here and in England.
And connections to other events and writers.

In other words almost a boevl/biog/history/biog he sounds a fascinating man)/philosphy and other - almost a giant political/sociological poem!

But what's this warehouse?

You get around as much as Jack Ross gets everywhere the Literaryverse.


7:21 pm  
Blogger Richard Taylor said...

Should read - "In other words almost a novel/biog/history/..philosophy"

NOT a mispelling Jack - a TYPO! or some TYPOS...

7:24 pm  

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