Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Thirty thousand, and our first Libyan

This blog recently got its thirty-thousandth unique visitor since a tracker was installed last April. We even got our first visitor from Libya, which gives me an excuse to post that country's flag here.

I have a long-standing fondness for the Libyan flag which has nothing to do with admiration for Muammar Gadaffi and the 'Green revolution' he has apparently been staging since taking power more than thirty years ago. Back at primary school, when my extreme ineptitude as an artist regularly made me the butt of classroom jokes, I was able to escape from an assignment to paint a large national flag with my dignity intact after spotting the Libyan banner in an encyclopedia. My teacher, who had wanted me to try my hand at the Stars and Stripes or the Union Jack, had to grudgingly give way, after making a few noises about the lack of imagination of certain foreigners. Thanks then, Libya.


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