Wednesday, May 16, 2007


New brief editor Brett Cross has broken decisively with the slovenly ways of his predecessor by making the end of May the deadline for contributions to the next issue of New Zealand's coolest literary journal. If the printers behave themselves, Brett should bring brief #35 into the world sometime early in July, a mere four months or so since number 34 completed its long journey out of a sodden box at the bottom of my wardrobe. (Don't even ask about brief #33...)

Brett even has a cover ready for his first issue, thanks to the splendid Matt, whose design recalls those heroic early days when the journal was edited by Alan 'the great uniter' Loney, and went by the humble name A Brief Description of the Whole World. There are no excuses left, comrades - get those submissions in by the end of May! Send e copy to, or hard copy to PO Box 102, Waimauku, West Auckland.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

but what does it all MEAN?
maybe just treating language like either a genetically modified organism, if you're one of the verbose faction like taylor and arnold, or like a bonsai plant, if you're an ascetic like hamilton and ross?

true greatness is a property of geography and topography, not literature.

the hamish

1:08 am  
Blogger Richard said...

It's all to do with turnips.

The David Bain case may also be relevant here...

1:41 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yup, he's guilty as hell. And an asshole to boot, he is quite a user in the prison and has been overheard telling another inmate "I killed my family, what makes you think I won't kill you as well?" when said inmate tried to steal his magazine. You don't say that kind of sh!t if you're innocent.0
You can't say that you came home to find your mother dead and then rang 111 if your call to 111 is along the lines of "They're all dead".

Bottom line is that he is dependent on being released because he has done NONE of his workshops within the prison (anger management etc), so when it comes round to parole time (which is not set anyway, but they review after the 17 yr period) he will be declined.

Even though the maximum amount of time a prisoner can be sentenced is 17 yrs, they can not elect a minimum parole date which means they can be held indefinitely as is the case with a number of offenders (mainly sexual) and Mr. Bain falls under this category.

At the very least, he murdered his father. Let's face it, his dad was an incestuous bastard but I think the boy was in on it as well..

2:36 am  
Blogger Richard said...


my original comment was satirical, albeit it was perhaps not the best choice of a witticsm!

(substitute "the price of fish in China")

but you make some good points

I'm not sure who did the murders -in fact I was speaking to Peter Williams and on Sunday and my point -that he agreed with was - that I couldn't imagine anyone doing such a horrible crime.

I am not sure - the police from some accounts have not helped in their inquiry methods (I believe - but I may be wrong - that they made some errors collecting and collating evidence) but I am not an expert on the case. They may have in fact been right in accusing Bain, I dont know. I haven't followed it perhaps mainly because it has always seemed to me to be too nightmarish.

Bain might be guilty or innocent - the case is certainly not clear.

11:22 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Clear to those with the chops.

12:19 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That cover looks quite good!!

Re: anonymous#2 - ah, there's something about a trial isn't there, suddenly everyone possesses amazing powers of divination... the desire to "know" converted into an assertion of knowledge.
"And a man who is puzzled and wonders thinks himself ignorant (whence even the lover of myth is in a sense a lover of Wisdom, for the myth is composed of wonders); therefore since they philosophized order to escape from ignorance, evidently they were pursuing science in order to know, and not for any utilitarian end. And this is confirmed by the facts; for it was when almost all the necessities of life and the things that make for comfort and recreation had been secured, that such knowledge began to be sought." - Aristotle's Metaphysics

2:31 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


2:39 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh that hurts coming from you, anonymous stranger on the internet.

I am cut to the core.

6:28 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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