Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Paralysis in Dili

I've often argued that there are important parrallels between the situations in Iraq and East Timor. And this latest imbroglio sounds all too familiar, doesn't it? The 'paralysis scenario' is being played out, and as he and his backers in Canberra get more and more agitated, Mr 22% is threatening to take matters into his own hands:

Ramos-Horta, who has been pushing for a unity government and attended the parliamentary session, has warned that if the parties do not reach their own agreement by Monday he will act unilaterally to decide.

With a little help from Anzac troops and cops perhaps? The simmering crisis in parliament and the protest that greeted John Howard in Dili last week suggest that Australasian plans to dig in may not be so wise. Click here to find out what that crazy map is all about, and what the occupation of East Timor is partly about.


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