Friday, November 30, 2007

Another teaser

Here's Bill and the boys doing the demented Flying Nun-era epic 'Russian Rug' at Christchurch. This performance brings back memories of the gig at the PR Bar earlier this year: The Bilders lay down a slow, evil groove, and Bill solos endlessly and brilliantly over the top. Check out the elderly gent getting down on the far side of the stage.


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Blogger Richard said...

On my Blog EYELIGHT I - for some reason (I googled Tama Iti and Kathy Acker - at different times there was no plan as such, I was just "tinkering" I guess); now there is no obvious connection but there are some subtle parallels - if people check out the link -scroll down - I also have some art and some pictures of Tamaiti etc

I don't realy know Acker's work very well and for me she is an "outsider" (which can be good) and part of me admires what she did, part of me fears it - but in many ways an extraordinary person - working class and innovative - Tama iti is of course form a vastly different world but I feel there are connections (although I made them more or less by chance - there are of course connections between all people) - in that we are all "outsiders" or in that the "rebelliousness" or originality and strength of spirit of Acker and her (great interest in tatoos as a great art form - mokos) - are perhaps a link - I may be wrong.

Perhaps - or hopefully one may see a more "human" side of both persons than many of the "establishment might portray...

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Blogger Richard said...

Maps has a hyper link to my Blog EYELIGHT - an ongoing poem/project - on his list of links.

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