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Blogger Richard said...

Comrade Maps - a great illustration or cover for your next poetic or textual master piece!

I got a copy of Landfall 214 - a great issue Jack if you are there - great art in there and some very interesting writing - the review of my book "Conversation with a Stone" was a good one - it was good of the 'Landfall person' - Sarah Broom - to take the trouble review it with some intelligence and a lot of insight - and neither absurd overdone praise nor vile damnation!

11:48 pm  
Blogger Dr Jack Ross said...

Thanks, Richard.

Yep. It looks like someone out there is listening, after all. I think Sarah found it a very interesting collection. She's written a book herself on Contemporary British and Irish Poetry (Longmans, 2005), which is well worth looking up.

10:31 am  
Blogger Richard said...

I saw the thing about her book on your Blog. I want to read it - I would be interested to see the book.

We hear lot about the US poets but not enough about the British and there have been some interesting poets there e.g. David Jones, McDiarmid, Middleton, Harwood, Raworth, Prynne and his lot, Fisher, Cobbing and many obviously we cant keep up with. At one stage I corresponded with one poet who is doing some great work in England. There are always surprises in literature and art etc

Jen Crawford has obvious talent - where did she jump from! And so on - e.g. Nathan McGregor and Bill Direen and those who were in his Percutio...many more of talent. Many in your latest Landfall issue.
I was also impressed by writers in Miriam Barr's little magazine "Side Stream"...and there a also some good writers in Raewyn's "Magazine" also...

Irish poetry - re-reading JJ's "Ulysses" - he was a great poet also - his book is a poem as is Foinegroin's Waaskey as far as I am concerned - and his "Epiphanies" - great...

But I grow I grow olde, I shall wear grey flannel trousers, scratch my silly-shaped head; eat a peach upon the beach, observe the ragged claws of gold, drink my boks, adjust the locks ... and go to bed!! (Bald spot and all...

12:27 am  
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