Sunday, May 04, 2008

An example from Ecuador

The government is whingeing about the million dollars it'll supposedly cost to repair the damage peace activists made to the US-run spy base at Waihopai last week. A million bucks is small beer, of course, compared to the half a billion dollars New Zealand has shelled out to build and run the facility on behalf of Uncle Sam over the past couple of decades. While Helen Clark frets about the best way to placate the Yanks and tries to paint Christian pacifists as dangerous terrorists, Ecuador's Rafael Correa is taking a very different attitude to US bases and the machinations of the CIA.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Every person with a consciousness should be worried and concerning
themselves with what is occurring in Bolivia. The United States is on the
verge of unleashing a war that would shake the region and which, in the
short term, could lead to a state of commotion and belligerence in all of
South America.

The excuse is the demand for autonomy by four departments (Santa Cruz, Beni,
Pando and Tarija); the instrument, the oligarchy; the means, mercenaries
financed, trained and commanded by the State Department via the CIA and
other agencies; the objective, fragment Bolivia, detain the revolutionary
process headed by Evo Morales, start a prairie fire in the Southern Cone and
create the conditions to attack Venezuela and Ecuador afterwards. Following
the events of last Sunday, Paraguay is now also threatened.
The US needs war. The capitalist economy cannot longer continue to breathe
without it. Those that believe that because imperialism is bogged down in
Iraq, it is unable to open up other combat front are mistaken. In fact, the
inverse is true: the only way out for them is to push forward. But they hope
to do this by taking a side street, mirroring the line of march in the
Middle East: provoke objective fissures of an economic, social, ethnic and
religious nature; find latent conflicts; unleash war between factions, place
themselves above all this and preside over the mutual destruction of the

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