Monday, May 12, 2008

Hillary: the Dr Who option

A couple of weeks old, but still amusing:


Anonymous Anonymous said...

would you know what this is all about?

Well, I admit that a lot of that is hard to gauge, and the fact that they claimed to have found Obama's birth time seems to complicate things more. Astrology can be incredibly complex. But it looks like when you sort through everything Hillary still has the Nomination. Also, they did a pretty good job in predicting the Candidate's ups and down. One thing that makes astrology hard in this election is a dispute about birth times. One thing about Hillary is that a lot of Astrologers can't uncover whether she was born at eight PM or eight AM. I have seen relatively accurate charts for her for both times, which makes it even harder. But what I have seen is that most Astrologers are predicting her win, even if her lack of birth time accuracy makes them confused about her motives or personality.

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