Monday, September 15, 2008

Pt Chev and thereabouts


Anonymous Anonymous said...

These photos are a bit better. At least they have a clear politicasl message - the betrayal of John A Lee's dream of public housing. But this blog is still on a rightward trajectory.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Glastonbury Symposium - Sunday July 29th - 9.30pm
Let it be recorded that the time & date shown above is almost the exact moment Davis Shayler announced, to a stunned but largely sympathetic audience, that he is the new Messiah.

High on another stunning presentation from Ian Crane, the atmosphere in a packed Glastonbury Town Hall was pregnant with expectation as David Shayler was wired for sound. Already prepared for controversy by host Andy Thomas, nobody could have anticipated what was about to occur. An extremely tolerant and generally sympathetic audience sat in stunned silence as they endured an hour long narcissistic monologue during which a frail-looking David Shayler explained that he was not only the re-incarnation of the Christ but also the re-incarnation of King Arthur, Leonardo Da Vinci and a whole host of other historically significant characters. As the monologue progressed, it would have been obvious to any student of Stanislav Grof that Mr Shayler is in the middle of his very own 'Spiritual Emergency'! When David Shayler concluded his self-obsessed rant by standing centre stage with arms outstretched in mock crucifixion, the raptuous ovation which had followed Ian Crane's presentation was replaced by polite but nervous applause.

Surely David has friends or family who are capable of pointing out that he is not even the new David Icke, let alone the New Messiah! Listening in on numerous conversations in the pub after the event, the general reaction was one of sympathetic concern. It is very sad to see a man who has commanded tremendous respect for blowing the whistle on the British Intelligence Services for attempting to assassinate Col Gaddafi, descend into such blatant paranoid psychosis. If his claims of the numerous attempts on his life have any substance, it doesn't say much for the capabilities of Black Op's teams that he is still on this mortal coil ... but then David claims that he has 'raised his spiritual vibration' to such a level that he is invincible. I hope with all sincerity that this claim is not put to the test.

Although The Watcher is no great fan of the psychological community, it is abundantly clear that David Shayler is is need of help and support from people who understand the transpersonal process. It would also be highly advisable to encourage him to go through his transpersonal and spiritual awakening away from public scrutiny.

Unfortunately for David all of the Glastonbury Symposium presentations were recorded, with delivery of pre-ordered DVD's being available in early September. If the organisers of the Symposium are prepared to withdraw the DVD of David's monologue from the 2007 Symposium catalogue, it would be a wonderfully magnanimous gesture of human benevolence.

If anyone reading this considers themselves to a close friend to David, please investigate the possibility of David being welcomed by any of the following:

101 Crawford Street
London, WIH 2HP England
Tel: 020 7724 9243


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Blogger Richard said...

Maps that's good - your on the right track - forget the politics! The only honest politician to enter Parliament with honest intentions was Guy Fawkes...

Only through art and some deep essential thing is there any meaning in life - politics is ephemeral - get away from these Toksyite philistines...

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Blogger Richard said...

BTW I am giving a small poetry reading at the Blockhouse Bay Library this Thursday at 2 pm if you or anyone are interested -if not let others know - but it will probably be only small event - perhaps my last public reading for some time - or maybe altogether.

And great images from Pt Chev again - this "anonymous" bloke is moron -

"These photos are a bit better. At least they have a clear political message - the betrayal of John A Lee's dream of public housing. But this blog is still on a rightward trajectory."

Obviously he wouldn't know something creative or interesting if it hit him in the face (who cares about John A Lee!!???)...these dry politicos have no imagination, creativity, or originality. They work inside formulas. Get free of these dull Philistines - you are creative - highly creative - and a talented writer - not a politician...

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