Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Hungry Fauna

Maps has published a review of David Lyndon Brown's forthcoming collection Skin Hunger at the Scoop Review of Books. Personally I am excited about the Titus launch on Friday which will see both Skin Hunger and Ted Jenner's book Writers in Residence and other captive fauna come to fruition.

It always feels a bit like celebrating the birth of a baby when a book gets launched - all the time and love that goes into producing them. My personal claim to fame with this launch is that I designed the cover of Ted Jenner's book and Maps wrote the introduction. Last night I was lucky enough to see a sneak preview of both books. I was not only excited by the cover of Jenner's book (!) but was drawn into his text and am looking forward to fossicking through it again. Jenner’s passion for adventure (he spent many years traveling and living in Europe and Africa) is brought to life in Writers in Residence. Look out for Map's review of Jenner's book in the near future.

I started reading Skin Hunger last night and my first impression is that the language is beautiful, direct and emotionally honest without being over the top or cheesy. Brown's writing is intensely personal but he manages to make his poems open to us all. I am looking forward to reading more and am so pleased that Titus is publishing this collection.

I hope that many people will read both new books and I look forward to celebrating with people at Fordes Bar on Friday.


Blogger Richard said...

Skyler - this is a good post. Should be a great launch.

11:11 pm  
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