Saturday, May 30, 2009

Sunday morning listening

I'll be appearing on National Radio's Ideas programme tomorrow morning just after eleven to talk about Holocaust denial, the Celtic New Zealand thesis and other antics of New Zealand's far right. There's an advertisement for the programme here, and this page has links to some of my investigations into the strange world of pseudohistory.


Blogger Richard said...

Maps - that's great you got on there - I'm playing chess tommorrow but I would like to hear a a recording of it sometime.

11:10 pm  
Blogger stephen said...

Just heard the broadcast now. Good job, Scott -- I think you covered the subject very well.

11:53 am  
Anonymous Jono said...

Nicely done, you had a voice for radio ;-)

I think the thing that annoys me most, apart from the misuse of history/archaeology and the agenda behind it, is the aspersions cast on the character of my colleagues. Just aside from the fact that a New Zealand archaeologist would be set for life if they found compelling evidence for any of the hypotheses of alternative settlement, they drink like fish and gossip like fishmongers wives!

By the way, the Wairau Mystery website is still available in the google cache.

12:05 pm  
Blogger Marty Mars said...

Enjoyed the show. I hadn't realised the degree of interlinking between the different 'hate and denier groups'.

4:04 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

10:12 am  
Blogger MikeR said...

All the Evidence collected from various sources including regular wartime inspections by Red Cross officials indicate there were actually zero deaths by cyanide gas at Auschwitz. Evidence indicates conclusively that there was not one homicidal gas chamber at the Camp. Records even indicate total deaths from ALL causes at Auschwitz numbered less than 100,000.

My fault I've allowed common sense to become highjacked by a holocaust-lying lobby ever since the war. I lived near the Blitz, but I've not discovered this Evidence till 60 years later.

I believe in a holocaust: I call it Dresden. I therefore deny I'm a holocaust denier.

I don't have any idea what is a semite, so don't label me anti-semite.

I would only ever be interested to know what really happened. Yet in 14 countries I still cannot legally even mention any shred of Evidence of the Truth.

The only reason a Government legislates away the Truth, to make revealing the Truth illegal, is to appease vested interests in very high places.

When it is revealed that Israel extorts $5 Billion a year in guilt money from the USA and Germany, it is obvious why Truth remains underground. The invention and perpetration of a Holocaust with die Gaskammern fiktiven was an enormously-lucrative fraud.

The Evidence is at long last readily available online to any researcher prepared to push aside the hype and uncover the Truth to your New Zealand audience.

Dr Hamilton: give us the benefit of your own scholastic skills: look carefully at the wartime camp records available online from the vast volumes that we learn have been preserved largely intact in various well-known locations.

I'm perfectly happy to switch to Investigate magazine if UnCensored remains offlimits at Harvest Health. ;-)

If we are to learn from history then that history must be objective. Wartime history to date has remained a deplorable victim of the secret politics that ignited the war.

Historians the world over have allowed their judgment and knowledge to lapse into absurdity, all at the demands of those in control of megafunding.

9:19 pm  
Blogger stephen said...

"The only reason a Government legislates away the Truth, to make revealing the Truth illegal, is to appease vested interests in very high places."

Firstly, what you refer to is not the truth, with or without a capital. And secondly, in countries where holocaust denial is prohibited (I am only aware of two, Germany and Austria) it is because they understand that it is the first step to rehabilitating Nazism.

People who are interested in what MikeR is up to might like to look here. I haven't the time or the patience.

9:45 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mike R claims that the Red Cross denied the Holocaust. From the FAQ produced to help deal with neo-Nazis and Holocaust deniers:

51. What did the International Red Cross have to report with regard to the "Holocaust" question?

The IHR says:

A report on the visit of an IRC delegate to Auschwitz in September, 1944 pointed out that internees were permitted to receive packages and that rumors of gas chambers could not be verified.

Nizkor replies:

Rumors of gas chambers could not be verified because the delegates were expressly forbidden from visiting the Auschwitz Krema, where the gas chambers and cremation facilities were. They were taken only to those parts of the huge complex which housed prisoners who were not to be exterminated. Some Allied POWs were held in Auschwitz, in reasonable conditions, but they knew about the gassings and mentioned them to the IRC delegate.

For example, former SS-Untersturmfuehrer Dr. Hans Münch confirmed this in his testimony at the International Nuremberg Trial (Trial of the Major War Criminals, 1948, Vol. VIII, p. 313-321). He said:

I repeatedly witnessed guided tours of civilians and also of commissions of the Red Cross and other parties within the camp, and I was able to ascertain that the camp leadership arranged it masterfully to conduct these guided tours in such a way that the people being guided around did not see anything about inhuman treatment. The main camp was shown only and in this main camp there were so-called show blocks, particularly block 13, that were especially prepared for such guided tours and that were equipped like a normal soldier's barracks with beds that had sheets on them, and well-functioning washrooms.

Ironically, this policy of not showing extermination-related facilities is also confirmed by the IHR itself, though unwittingly. In the "Lüftl Report," supposed expert Walter Lüftl mentions a memo to the commandants of the concentration camps. According to Lüftl, it reads:

The bordello and the crematories are not to be shown during camp visits. These installations are not to be mentioned to persons visiting the camp...

Lüftl goes on to comment:

Apparently, then, everything else could be shown and mentioned to visitors. Logically, then, a gas chamber, if one existed, could be shown and talked about; otherwise, it would have been included in the prohibition.

Since we cannot assume that the SS ever showed a [homicidal] gas chamber to the inspectors of the International Red Cross, it is permissible to conclude that none existed.

Lüftl, who is supposedly an expert, is not even aware that the term "crematories" refers to the cremation complexes, which also housed not only the ovens but also the gas chambers.

Unwittingly, he has presented evidence against his own case -- for why would it be necessary to hide the cremation complexes from the Red Cross unless something were happening there that the Red Cross should not see?

The "Lüftl Report," is available on-line in a textfile on Nizkor, or as a web page at the IHR's web site. Search on the text "Red Cross".


10:10 pm  
Anonymous Saeed said...

As an Arab supporter of Palestine, and as a New Zealander who follows this blog, I would like to say something clearly to the holocaust deniers - do not use the suffering of the Palestinian people as a blanket and an excuse for your own racism.
Our differences with Israel are not based on a denial of the holocaust, they are based on a seperate (if related) racist policy practiced by what is now the Zionist state of Israel.
We are inspired by the heroic struggle of the Jewish people of Europe against the holocaust.
If you want to deny the holocaust then be clear on one thing: your ignorance and refusal to accept the suffering of others, is the same denial of humanity that our brothers and sisters in Palestine face today.
Not in our name will you deny the holocaust.

12:10 pm  
Blogger maps said...

Thankyou for those words Saeed. The anti-semites' claims to identify with Palestinians are incredibly cynical.

12:25 pm  
Blogger Richard said...

Notice how MikeR has to use "bold" as if he is terrified the bilge he is raving about might not be true!!
And it clearly is nonsense his claims there was no Holocaust etc

Bears out Scott's points on the radio as I heard them in the recording - we have to be wary of these Nazis who exterminated about 6 million Jews and others BTW.

The State of Israel is in part created by the reaction to centuries of persecution and other complex issues - Palestine was started to be settled in about 1900 - the Israel/Palestine problems are not related to the Holocaust although this question has been brought in by all sorts - from fascists to extreme leftists...and others...

This is well said by Saeed -

"I would like to say something clearly to the holocaust deniers - do not use the suffering of the Palestinian people as a blanket and an excuse for your own racism.
Our differences with Israel are not based on a denial of the Holocaust, they are based on a separate (if related) racist policy practiced by what is now the Zionist state of Israel.
We are inspired by the heroic struggle of the Jewish people of Europe against the holocaust."


Dresden was Holocaust! Bilge! Have a look at the terrible destruction the Nazis caused!! London, Brussels Moscow, Leningrad - the list is endless! You wont get people who suffered from the Nazis crying over Dresden!!

The British and even some of the Irish (and the Welsh and Scottish people) wont be for a start!

Make no mistake about these Luftwaffe bastards: they obliterated hundreds of cities, were very pro Nazi. They loved killing civilians, and targeted them deliberately, unlike the British, the US and others fighting the Germans. This includes my English uncle who was in the RAF – his courageous purpose in the war was to stop fascism to restore freedom.

11:51 pm  
Blogger Richard said...

Excellent interview Maps!

The Holocaust took place. There is no conspiracy by Jews. No money is changing hands to keep the "truth" out - the Holocaust is a fact of history - massively well documented.

As to Dresden being so terrible - here are only some of the places decimated or attacked by the Nazis - so no one of the people of these places is going to ever concern themselves too much about Dresden.

And this is only Britain - this doesn't cover the terrible tragedies and horrific actions of the Nazis elsewhere in Europe.

"London was not the only city to suffer Luftwaffe bombing during the Blitz. Other important military and industrial centres, such as Belfast, Birmingham,Bristol, Cardiff, Clydebank (Scotland) [largely destroyed in two vicious and devastating raids - destruction and civilian loss of life in all of Scotland....],Coventry [mercilously bombed with firebombs - many many civilians targeted and killed), Greenock,[two nights of intensive bombing of the town of Greenock, Scotland..], Sheffield [the worst nights of Luftwaffe bombing during the Second World War. It took place over the nights of 12 December and 15 December 1940...., Swansea [Wales bombed by Nazi Germany on 19 February 41. ..], Liverpool […heavy and sustained bombing of the city of Liverpool and the surrounding area by the Nazi German Luftwaffe...., Hull [the German bombing campaign targeted on the Northern English port city of Kingston upon Hull in 1941, during World War II....], Manchester [the heavy bombing of the city of Manchester, England during the Second World War by the Nazi German Luftwaffe...], Portsmouth,
Plymouth, Nottingham and Southampton [ heavy bombing of Southampton by the Luftwaffe during World War II. It was targeted mainly in the first phase of the Blitz with terrible civilian casualties....]
Adolf Hitler's and the Nazi's aim was to destroy British morale.]”

And those are only the atrocities in Britain! What about the rest of Europe? The rest of the world? I suppose the Japanese were nice guys too!!

It is a moral and legal crime to deny the Holocaust (and remember the Nazis targeted Gypsies, Trade Unionists, Communists, Seventh Day Adventists, Poles, and many others as well as Jewish people)) and it is the act of a deluded person and /or a coward and someone who is inherently evil to deny it. De facto they are also racists.

Start fucking with people and they fuck back MikeR. And they will with you MikeR - it's called War - and it IS a fight for right and freedom.

Hitler and other German Nazis and others were was responsible not only for this greatest, most obscene crime in human history, but also for the deaths of millions of civilians and soldiers during WWII.

The Nazis (who were sick themselves) started by killing backward and old and sick people (such was their evil and their cowardice - they are to be remembered forever as scum) they also killed many who fought against Franco - they were some of the first to become victims...Hitler and his aids then set about an attempt to kill all Jews - to obliterate the entire "race". Jews are not a race - if they are they of the same race as the Arabs - that is Semite. They do constitute a people with an identity, a history, a common religion, and a culture - they are almost a nation but they are not a race in the sense that Hitler and his deluded mates such as MikeR think.

12:00 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ha’aretz 02/06/2009

'Proud Hungarians must prepare for war against the Jews'

By Yehuda Lahav

"Given our current situation, anti-Semitism is not just our right, but it is the duty of every Hungarian homeland lover, and we must prepare for armed battle against the Jews."

This quote appeared in a newsletter published by an organization calling itself "The trade union of Hungarian police officers prepared for action".

Hungarian law allows police officers to organize in trade unions of their own. The union - by its own definition - aims to protect the professional interests of those unionized, and not to partake in political activity.

However, the law does not prevent the union from distributing a newsletter, the content of which is at the discretion of its editor, and its editor alone.

11:11 am  
Anonymous Biddy said...

Maps - I am an AUT journalism student and keen to have a chat with you.

I heard your interview on RNZ in the weekend and as a result was inspired to write a news story on holocaust deniers in Auckland.

Could you please email me?


1:14 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

@richardtaylor ah, i think it's pretty well-established that the firebombing of dresden was largely driven by the need to give the air command a target.

germany was all but broken by that stage of the war, but air command was applying political pressure to allow it to use its expanding air fleet.

so... it's not too difficult to characterise it as a war-crime on a par with the great many germany and *all other* combatants committed.

4:32 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Te Kooti is praised here but he committed war crimes.

6:13 pm  
Blogger Richard said...

"@richardtaylor ah, i think it's pretty well-established that the firebombing of dresden was largely driven by the need to give the air command a target.

germany was all but broken by that stage of the war, but air command was applying political pressure to allow it to use its expanding air fleet.

so... it's not too difficult to characterise it as a war-crime on a par with the great many germany and *all other* combatants committed."

I know how terrible it was (but it was NOT a war crime - no such crime is possible against Nazis); we are not talking about a tea party - LETS get it in perspective - Irwin and others use Dresden and Hamburg as levers to justify the Nazis and to deny the Holocaust - if you do as the German Nazis did - and who else started the war - Father Xmas? - you can expect reprisals - I would repeat the same - that is not fascism - it is hard - but we were fighting a hard merciless and heartless enemy who were NOT going to go easily - in that case the ends justify the means - they started it - don't forget who we are talking about. Remember Hitler's instructions to his men and especaily to the Stuka pilots whowere to dive bomb over Poland:

"Close your hearts to pity." ?

That is the mentality we were dealing with...

Not many Poles would share your tenderness about Dresden I would imagine!!!

There are complex arguments to explain how war shouldn't even start and so on and so on (and I believe in a world sans war ultimately BUT we don't have such a situation)*

BUT don't let that obscure the realities of what was happening - for example - much a warmonger as Churchill was - but who else? Who else to oppose those scum who attacked my home country? Not to mention the Russians and the Poles and many many others and they exterminated millions of Jews - forget Dresden it is minor in the scheme of worst it was an oversight - I see it as a minor oversight of the allied logistics. In all wars civilians (many the "wrong" ones) get killed - and the allies also targeted civilians - BUT they were in the right - Germany was for the taking - Germany - Nazi Germany and all its people (they let Hitler get into power and many if not most supported him to the hilt) asked for it and got it - end of story - and next time they will get worse - far worse.

My mate who was a British army sergeant and a communist and when he got to Germany in WWII he used summarily execute Nazis as they found them whether they surrendered or not - whether they were 8 years old or 80 it didn't matter - he knew most of them would get away with it else - so good one!

If these Holocaust denier Nazis try it again they will get a thousand Dresdens - I hope - and it will be a bloody good job!

In my opinion the British and others were too soft on Germany and the Nazis after (and during) the war. The US Secret Services and others helped a lot to escape - a lot joined the French Foreign Legion and fought in Vietnam.

So you cannot be soft on these bastards.

*There is nothing wrong with historical analysis and philosophy etc - but we are talking about people who deny certain absolute realities take place! That is - I stand on someone's toe so someone on the other side of the world executes ten thousand people?! ... it's almost as if Dresden happened before the war started!! That's what these Nazis want..and there are plenty in NZ I've met quite few here...and of course there are big Nazi movements in many other countries.
Let's not underestimate these Nazi scum. That mistake pre 1939 cost the world millions of lives lost. Note how they are all cowards and hide under anonynmous posts?

6:34 pm  
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