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Rosanne Hawarden's balls-up

Wairau Bar is a windy, inhospitable place, but it has been the site of some of the most important archaeological discoveries in New Zealand history. The long strip of gravel at the mouth of Malborough's Wairau River was used as a campsite by some of the earliest inhabitants of New Zealand, who appreciated the way that it acted as a natural trap for the huge flightless moa.

Alerted by chance finds of the bones of moa and humans, archaeologists began to excavate Wairau Bar seventy years ago. Decades of digs uncovered enough skeletons and artefacts to provide a detailed picture of the life of the ancient 'moa hunters'. The moa was wiped out within a couple of centuries of the arrival of Polyniesians in New Zealand, so the remains of moa-hunting settlements are particularly prized by the scholars of this country's pre-history. The artefacts found at Wairau Bar confirm the antiquity of the site because, like the artefacts left by the tchakat henu of the Chatham Islands, they remind scholars of the material culture of ancient Eastern Polynesian, rather than the 'classical' Maori culture which developed in New Zealand in the centuries immediately preceding the arrival of Cook. Wairau Bar provided much of the raw material for important studies of New Zealand prehistory like Roger Duff's The Moa-Hunter Period of Maori Culture.

But the tangata whenua of Wairau Bar and its environs never felt comfortable with the excavation of such an important part of their rohe. Seventy years ago, their complaints went unheeded by archaeologists; in recent years, though, their voices have been heard, and last month a team of archaeologists, museum workers, and members of the Rangitane iwi reburied scores of ancient skeletons at Wairau Bar. According those who witnessed it, the reburial was an emotional affair, which helped to reconcile the Rangitane community with scholars of New Zealand's prehistory.

One person who has been unimpressed with the reburials at Wairau Bar is Rosanne Hawarden, an Afrikaaner who emigrated to New Zealand in the mid-90s and has since become the chairwoman of the South Island New Zealand Association of Southern Africans, a candidate for the right-wing Independent Voice coalition in Christchurch local body elections, and a self-proclaimed expert on New Zealand history. Although she has no academic training in any relevant field, Hawarden is convinced that much of what experts believe about this country's past is false. She has become a disciple of Gavin Menzies, the retired British naval officer who claims that fifteenth century Chinese 'discovered' much of the world, including New Zealand, and insists that Maori are the descendants of Melanesian slaves and Chinese prostitutes. As the leader of the grandly-titled '1421 Pacific Research Group', Hawarden asked to attend the reburial ceremony at Wairau Bar. Hawarden appears to believe that some of the bodies being reinterred at Wairau Bar might have been those of the Chinese sailors who were supposedly the first people to set foot on these shores.

When she was denied permission to attend the reburial, Hawarden began to bombard people associated with the operation with e mails, and to post denunciations of the enterprise on internet discussion sites. She appears to have established an entire website to publicise her views on the subject.

Hawarden seems to believe that the reburial is an elaborate conspiracy designed to obscure the truth about New Zealand's prehistory and cement the status of Rangitane as the tangata whenua of the area around Wairau Bar. If the true nature of the bones were revealed, then Rangitane's Treaty claim would be in jeopardy:

The need to rebury the bones has to be seen in the context of this claim. The question "where's the money" always produces interesting answers and when one realises that $79 million divided between 4000 people is at stake here, the light dawns. Destroying some priceless archaeology to invent some ancestors may seem worth the price to many.

Hawarden's claims are based on a misunderstanding of the concept of tangata whenua. Like their Kai Tahu cousins to the south of Malborough, Rangitane make no claim to be the descendants of the very first people to arrive in the South Island. They took ownership of Malborough hundreds of years ago, as a result of conquest and the assimilation of some groups of prior inhabitants, and have been recognised as tangata whenua because of their long history of residence there. As tanagata whenua, Rangitane are recognised as guardians of all of the ancient skeletons which are found within their rohe. Hawarden might disagree with this arrangement, but she cannot credibly argue that Rangitane's status as tangata whenua would be endangered if the skeletons found at Wairau Bar did not belong to their ancestors.

Hawarden seems to find the very idea of the reburial at Wairau Bar to be distasteful:

Like cannabalism, the practice of digging up the deceased and having their actual skeletal remains on view for social occasions/rituals should have ceased. These are cultural practices that are considered inappropriate in our modern society.

What comments like these overlook is the fact that Rangitane are only seeking to rebury the human remains that were taken without consent from their rohe. They are burying the skeletons that were dug up by outsiders, not digging up bones and reburying them for the sake of it. Would Hawarden prefer that the bones from Wairau Bar remained lying about in museum storage rooms?

The website Hawarden has set up about Waiaru Bar is full of false claims about basic features of Maori and Polynesian history. Hawarden defies decades of careful study when she asserts that there is 'no evidence' that the skeletons found at Wairau Bar are 'Polynesian'. What about the classically Polynesian features of the skeletons, and the Polynesian adzes and jewellery buried with them?

Suggesting that the people who were buried at Wairau Bar may have been 'Taiwanese, Chinese, Indonesian, South East Asian, or Hindu', Hawarden insists that 'DNA studies have shown some New Zealand Maori groups to have DNA similar to some Taiwanese people'. This culpably dishonest claim, which has often been made by Gavin Menzies himself, is an attempt to misrepresent the findings of the series of DNA tests that have established a connection between the Austronesian ancestors of the Polynesians and the (non-Chinese) indigenous people of Taiwan. Thanks to these tests, we now know that the people who eventually became Polynesians entered the Pacific region from the coast of southeast Asia around four thousand years ago. It is quite wrong to try to use the DNA trail which traces the Polynesians' ancestors back to Asia housands of years ago to suggest that Chinese fleets arrived in this country in the fifteenth century.

Lately this blog has been witness to Rosanne Hawarden's wrath. In the discussion thread under my post about the 'Celtic' boulders at Silverdale, Keri Hulme referred to the 'Menzies wingnuts' who believe that the South Island's famous Moeraki boulders 'are ballast or cannonballs'. Hawarden replied thus:

Keri, it is advisable to get your facts right before trashing others or you make a fool of yourself, as you have done here by showing your ignorance of nautical matters.

No one at 1421 has ever claimed that Moeraki boulders were ballast nor will they. No sailor worth his salt would use round stone balls as ballast as he would very quickly sink his ship as the ballast rolled to and fro.

Can you please apologise to us via this forum for your error and unnecessarily abusive language?

Rosanne Hawarden 1421 Pacific Research Group

Moeraki is a small settlement on the coastal road between Christchurch and Dunedin, and the unusual roundness and smoothness of the boulders on its beach has convinced many tourists to stop and snap a few photos. One of those tourists was Cedric Bell, a retired British oil engineer who visited New Zealand for a relaxing holiday a few years ago. Early on in his trip, Bell read Gavin Menzies' tome 1421 and became convinced that the South Island had been the site of a forgotten Chinese civilisation. After discovering an ancient Chinese fort during a picnic in Christchurch's botanical gardens, Bell circumnavigated Te Wai Pounamu, noticing the remains of over forty Chiense forts, ports, and towns en route. Bell's findings were reproduced in excruciating detail on Gavin Menzies' website.

At Moeraki Cedric Bell gathered a particularly rich haul of evidence: he examined the cliffs near the beach, and decided that they were full of the remains of an ancient junk. Speaking to an unfortunate journalist, Bell found an ingenious explanation for the fact that these 'remains' consisted of little more than mud and twigs:

Mr Bell told the Ashburton Guardian there was evidence that a huge tsunami had hit the coast of New Zealand about 1422. The tsunami had been caused by a meteorite, which was believed to have landed in the sea south of Stewart Island.

Mr Bell said he had...taken material from the outline of what he believed was the remains of a junk. The material had proved to be burned timber...“I believe the junk was on fire, due to the meteorite, and was swept ashore by the tsunami,” he said. The tsunami had actually created the cliffs at Wakanui and further along the Mid Canterbury coast, he added. “The coast was probably just low sandhills before that,” he said.
Both Cedric Bell and Gavin Menzies appear to have decided that the famous boulders on Moeraki beach were also connected to Chinese junks. The Moeraki stones make several appearances in a long list of pieces of 'evidence' for ancient Chinese contact with New Zealand posted at Menzies' site. The author of the list suggests that the balls on Moeraki beach were man-made 'counter-weights to the hoist-sails of junks'. One set of boulders 'arranged in a very straight line' were 'ballasts' for the junks.

When the Listener ran an article about Menzies and his followers, it talked to Rosanne Hawarden about her role as the man's chief advocate in New Zealand:

Christchurch resident Rosanne Hawarden was “hooked” after reading Menzies’s book and has run the country’s voluntary 1421 research group for the past 18 months.

Seeing 1421 as “an alternative and coming paradigm”, the self-described Sinophile concedes that her 20- to 30-strong group are “just at the beginning of definitively establishing the presence of the Chinese in New Zealand”. Among their “mountain of work” is investigating the Moeraki boulders as potential cannonballs, or weights for treasure-ships’ sails...

We might be charitable, and assume that Rosanne Hawarden had not read all of the claims on Gavin Menzies' website when she insisted that 'no one at 1421 has ever claimed the boulders at Moeraki were ballast'. Presumably she will now get in touch with Gavin and Cedric and demand the excision of the absurd claim about ballast stones from her movement's website. It is difficult, though, to fathom why Hawarden would be offended by the absurdity of the idea that the Moeraki boulders were ballast, when she can entertain the even more absurd notion that these enormous balls of solid rock might have been fired out of cannons mounted on a fifteenth century Chinese junk.

The connections between the pseudo-scholars of the 'Celtic New Zealand circle' and the far right are by now well-documented. Rosanne Hawarden's response to the Wairau Bar reburial and a number of her other public statements suggest that her pseudo-scholarship and her politics might also be connected. In a statement she issued to support for candidacy in Christchurch's 2007 local body elections, Hawarden talks about how happy she is to live in such a 'civilised' city, rather than in her old home, which is 'unravelling' due to 'crime, pollution, and corruption'. Hawarden says she 'fought' for democracy in South Africa, but laments that 'democracy is no guarantee of good governance'.

In an interview with The Press last year, Hawarden expressed her reservations about democracy in South Africa in a little more detail. Hawarden explained that many Afrikaaners were fleeing to New Zealand to escape the effects of black rule, and that if 'Zuma is elected President' then South Africa could well face 'a form of civil war'.

It is unclear exactly what unnerves Hawarden about Jacob Zuma and his African National Congress party, which led the opposition to apartheid, took power peacefully after the implosion of that system, and has pursued neo-liberal economic policies during its decade and a half in power. Zuma's ascension to the leadership of the ANC owes much to black dissatisfaction at the determinedly business-friendly policies of Mbeki and Mandela, but his programme of increased government intervention in the economy and increased social spending is hardly revolutionary.

Some of the links on the website of the organisation that Hawarden leads might offer a clue as to the cause of her unease with Jacob Zuma and the ANC. Under its list of 'South African Organisations', for instance, SINZASA links to the 'Rhodesian Embassy of Thailand', which appears to be the headquarters of a group of admirers of the white supremacist government which ruled the country now known as Zimbabwe in the 1960s and '70s. The Embassy's webpage includes a portrait of Ian Smith, the
virulently racist leader of Rhodesia, and claims that the black guerillas who fought against apartheid in Rhodesia were 'communists' and 'terrorists'. SINZASA claims that it devotes most of its work to helping new Afrikaaner immigrants settle into New Zealand society. It seems to me that the organisation's leader has some work of her own to do before she learns how to live in a bicultural nation like New Zealand.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is interesting, but why do you attribute the absurd website wairaubarmystery.co.nz to Rosanne Hawarden?

According to dnc.org.nz's whois lookup it is owned by one Jay Neall of Riccarton, Christchurch. Or are they the same person?

4:14 pm  
Blogger maps said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

4:23 pm  
Blogger Edward said...

Thanks for answering what I suspected would be the case with this "researcher" maps.
Her website's ramblings are so fallacious and misleading I don't even know where to start. I just feel embarrassed to have even visited it, as I can't understand how someone can get something so utterly wrong.
In sum, I can't blame the local iwi and the museum for leaving her out in the cold by rejecting her attempts to interrupt the proceedings - why on earth should she be there? She seems like a delusional and slightly mad individual who shows nothing but disrespect for all parties involved. Also, I know several people in her reference section, and i'm sure as hell they wouldn't be happy about being cited in such a load of rot in such an inappropriate way which seeks to lend credence to her delusional ramblings.

4:26 pm  
Blogger maps said...

I thought the phrasing on the site was very similar to the phrasing in the messages she left on discussion forums, and I don't know of anyone else who's been speaking out against the reburial.
I admit, though, that I'm speculating, since the author(s) of the site refuses to reveal herself/themselves.

A google search for Jay Neal of Riccarton finds nothing.

4:26 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Cat Menace

From: Rosanne Hawarden Date: 2007 Oct 15 22:01 UTC Short link

A question for Leonie Sage now that she has been elected.

What are you doing/going to do about the dramatic increase in the number of cats in our environment? This is a regional, city and healthboard issue. Lets
see what our new regional representatives have to say first.

Our gardens are denuded of birds and wild life, befouled by cat faeces and our nights are disturbed by cat fights.

Why are cats permitted to roam at will whereas dogs are severely constrained to leads and their owner's property?

4:34 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't know Rosanne Hawarden and suspect I would not agree with many of her political views, but I'm intrigued to see you refer to her as an "Afrikaaner".

Africa's complex, folks. It's better to understand a bit about it before sounding like you're talking complete crap.

8:02 pm  
Blogger maps said...

Well, I don't think the use of the word is unreasonable, given that Rosanne is a member of the NZ Afrikaans Club and the founder of the Afrikaans Library Project, which aims to get Afrikaans-language books into NZ libraries. Why do you think the word is unjustified?

8:33 pm  
Blogger Richard said...

I hell of a lot of the South Afrikaans who fled here from that racist regime are virulent racists.

She is probably one of those. We should send them all back there.

10:47 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

maps>Well, I don't think the use of the word is unreasonable, given that Rosanne is a member of the NZ Afrikaans Club and the founder of the Afrikaans Library Project, which aims to get Afrikaans-language books into NZ libraries. Why do you think the word is unjustified?

Perhaps you don't know what the word means - it is a term relating to one's native language. Hawarden is a name of apparently Welsh descent. Rosanne is an English name, and I think her husband is Michael or something similar. Although Rosanne can probably speak Afrikaans (so can I) and supports Afrikaans as a language in NZ libraries (me, not so much) I doubt she is actually an Afrikaner - note the spelling. I'm certainly not.

Richard Taylor>I hell of a lot of the South Afrikaans who fled here from that racist regime are virulent racists. She is probably one of those. We should send them all back there.

Aren't you a nice piece of work then?

11:31 pm  
Blogger maps said...

I've heard from a reliable source that Rosanne Hawarden lives in Riccarton - that might help to clarify whether the Wairau Bay Mystery website is her work.

Anon - the Afrikaans Club describes itself as being for people who 'identify themselves with the Afrikaans language and culture'. I don't it's unreasonable to take membership of the Club as a sign of self-identification as Afrikaans. Of course, identity is a complex thing, and people may identify themselves as belonging to or having a connection with several different groups.

What can we make of Richard's charge that many Afrikaans immigrants to New Zealand are racist? I don't think we should stereotype Afrikaaners, any more than we should stereotype members of any other cultural group.

I had a wonderful Art History teacher at my high school who was Afrikaans, and she certainly didn't fit the stereotype of the beer-swilling bigoted philistine - she gave us the Futurist and Dadaist Manifestos to read, and played us strange and wonderful antique films produced by Andre Breton and other Surrealists.

I think, though, that some of the links from the SINZASA website are a little unnerving. One wonders how anyone could innocently link to a nasty, openly racist site like the Rhodesian Embassy. I've had a look at the e mail list connected to SINZASA - anybody can look at the archives at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/SAsinNZ/ - and there is some nasty stuff there, too. Long apology for apartheid have posted without attracting a murmur of criticism.

I think that some of the members of SINZASA - Rosanne Hawarden certainly included - would have benefitted from the courses in New Zealand history and the Treaty of Waitangi that the Maori Party proposes giving to prospective immigrants.

9:06 am  
Blogger maps said...

Here's an interesting article from a few years back that perhaps throws some light on divisions within the Afrikaaner community in New Zealand:

Afrikaans row brews in Kiwi classrooms

A furious row has broken out in North Shore, Auckland, New Zealand, over a proposal by some South Africans living there that Afrikaans should be introduced in the local schools.

The chairperson of the Afrikaanse Klub in North Shore, Francois Schoeman, has stirred up a verbal slugfest in the columns of the local paper, The North Shore Times Advertiser,with his suggestion.

He has told the newspaper that parents who were originally Afrikaans-speaking were finding that their children were losing the ability to speak their mother tongue.

Schoeman says some South African-born parents want Afrikaans as an optional language to be formally acknowledged by the New Zealand education ministry through the school structure.

He says they want it as part of the school curriculum and not as an extra subject.

There has been a huge, highly negative response to the proposal from the readers of The Advertiser. Hundreds of readers have criticised the suggestion.

Helen Thom of Browns Bay writes that Afrikaans has no relevance to life in New Zealand.

She says: "We, who feel privileged to have been accepted in New Zealand, hoped we had left the arrogant Afrikaner attitude behind."

Edward Cupido of Northland writes that the proposal is nothing more than an attempt by these former South Africans to create their own "white Afrikaner homeland in this country".

"New Zealand does not need people who cause division and unhappiness within the communities," he says.

Joop Eggermont of Northcote quips: "Nice try, Mr Schoeman, but not converted by me."

He adds: "Mr Schoeman wants Afrikaans. It's easy - either go back to 'Zuid Afrika', teach your children yourself or pay the South African teachers already here for private tuition."

Adrian Finglas of Bracken Ridge says New Zealand should be introducing other languages that would be more beneficial to their children, such as Japanese or another Asian language.

J J Kirstein of Unsworth Heights says New Zealand is a country where English is the official language and it is obvious that Schoeman's children will lose their ability to speak their mother tongue.

"If their ability to speak their mother tongue is so important to Schoeman and the Afrikaanse Klub, they can provide extra tuition after school and at their own cost," he writes.

"The arrogance of the Afrikaner is something that New Zealand can do without and I am quite disappointed that such an attitude may brand the rest of South Africans who are not like that at all."

Garth Stephens of Birkenhead says Afrikaans has no practical value outside South Africa and should receive no more preference than a multitude of other languages that may subsequently be put forward for consideration.

Ulrich Kipfer of Glenfield says it is not the responsibility of the New Zealand education system to ensure that the country's children learn of their heritage - this was a role performed at home.

O U Opperman says Afrikaans was associated with oppression, racism, segregation and apartheid.

In 1976, he notes, this language was forced upon the indigenous people of South Africa, most of whom did not even speak English properly.

"Please keep Afrikaans out of New Zealand schools," Opperman writes."It represents blatant racism."

The last word comes from Ria Aucamp of Newmarket.

"Speak Afrikaans to your children, Mr Schoeman. Give them boerewors and pap and teach them volkspele - that should do it."

9:31 am  
Blogger Marty Mars said...

Awesome post!
It is very sad that these deluded people continue to pedal their bogus histories. I think the big problem is that our society allows this, and it allows it because we still haven't fronted up to colonisation. When maori are given their rightful place in our society, then we will be able to build this country from strong foundations. Because this isn't the case at the moment we have gaps where outlandish views can be promoted and taken as fact. If people knew and were taught maori history, this wouldn't happen or at least the fertile ground wouldn't be there for these twisted seeds to grow. Everyone is entitled to their view but when the view is nothing more than race-hatred then we have to say enough is enough.

4:06 pm  
Blogger Edward said...

here here Marty Mars! Couldn't agree more.

7:22 pm  
Blogger Richard said...

There is a lot of Evil in the world...

11:36 pm  
Blogger Richard said...

Yes - not fair what I said - many kinds of people form everywhere, very complex very complex (and often very troubled) is man - and woman - probably just as many racists in or from NZ - NZ is a dark country...I recall the riots during the Springbok Tour. I was battened the face. Crazy situation with Marx (yes that was the pilot's name!) dive bombing Eden Park with flour bombs and then was inside watching it on TV, shaking with shock, as I heard the plane coming over I could see it on TV in the Safe House!!

As Baudrillard said though - there is no meaning - the Gulf War didn't happen; Apartheid didn't exist, - and he and I are mad....SA a mess still if not worse...NZ a mess... Maps soldiers on...!

11:53 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sandy Lai Wing said:
Rosanne pushed a button, didn’t she? Don’t like to be told you are wrong and should apologise? You keep on making a fool of yourself by not getting your facts right and doing your research properly. Like Keri Hulme, hmmm...similar style of writing...wonder if you are not the same person?

The other Keri Hulme, the author of mixed Maori, Orkney Island Scottish, and English parentage and writer of that moving and thought inducing book about people of mixed cultures, The Bone People, would find your writing very immature. http://www.kirjasto.sci.fi/hulme.htm

That Keri Hulme said, “I’ll remember a long-dead friend who said, “If you can be truthful, be kind: if you cant be kind, be silent.” http://www.huia.co.nz/strangeness-of-ordinary-12-on-the-gifts-happinesses-found-in-books-cartoons/#more-289

Rosanne Hawarden is not an Afrikaner but an English speaking South African. Big difference. She is not a member of the Afrikaans Klub. Credit for getting Afrikaans books in the Christchurch Library goes to Marietjie and Jaco Swart of a group called Afrikaans in Christchurch. People should be able to get books in their home language in their local library and teach their children their home language. You, I can see want everyone to speak only English.

Rosanne is an anti-apartheid activist and was chairperson of one of the first schools in Johannesburg to admit Black children. Nelson Mandela sent his grandchildren to that school.
The SINZASA society is non-racial and non-political and includes Southern Africans of Coloured, Indian, and Chinese descent as well as Black people. It includes Zimbabweans, Nambians, Zambians and Botwanas. Rosanne does not get paid for her work for them which she has done for many years. She makes a real difference out there while your writing shows you support violence and crime in Africa. I bet you think its okay to knowingly have unprotected sex with an HIV positive woman and then go run the country? Pin a racist tag on yourself but you can’t do the same to Rosanne.

You can also pin a sexist label on yourself. You took her photo off the Academy of Management Gender and Diversity in Organisations website, http://division.aomonline.org/gdo/, and conveniently forgot to mention that she is a leading feminist and international expert on woman on boards of directors. You don’t want women to be paid equally for equal work or be professors or run companies, do you?

Explain to me what is wrong with having ancestors that come from China? Over 200,000 New Zealanders have Asian origins. This blog is incredibly offensive to our Asian people. You owe us an apology as well.

6:19 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

'This blog is incredibly offensive to our Asian people.'

Er, why?

6:45 pm  
Anonymous Keri Hulme said...

Sandy Lai Wing-

there is no other Keri Hulme in ANZ that I am aware of, and none that crop up on the .net.

I get *very*annoyed indeed when 8 centuries or so of Eastern Polynesian/Maori habitation of this archipelago are brushed aside by ill-informed amateurs - who produce NO evidence whatsoever - to date- of their Phoenicians, their Celts, their "Ancient Nation of Waitaha' misbegots, their Chinese (whether from the Zheng Ho expeditions or 2 impossible millennia ago.)

You belittle and trash some of my ancestors: you negate their considerable creativity and skill in adapting to a very different set of islands, when "you" (Martin Doutre, or Barry Brailsford, or a Menzies stupidhead or any other idiot holding outre beliefs of this nature. Not least because such almost always have another agenda - rightwing, pro-white, anti Maori, anti-Treaty, that kind of sick, vile stuff

I have no reason to speak ill of any person of 'Asian' descent (it's far too encompassing a term) and love the company of my friends of Chinese & Japanese descent.

Your - weirdly paranoid- suspicion that I might be maps, and your quoting - way out of context - my words to me, dont engender my respect.

6:58 pm  
Anonymous Keri Hulme said...

And, san d' lying. you're a whucking troll-

12:06 am  
Blogger Marty Mars said...

I'm with you Keri. Kia kaha. Maps your research and analysis is exceptional.

It's a weird comment that somehow this post and the comments within are insulting to asians, It seems the opposite to me. Be proud of your heritage, your whakapapa - just don't try to take mine off me!

I've posted a little about my views of the proposition that this country began at year zero in 1840 for those that may be interested.


8:44 am  
Blogger Richard said...

Maps is on the button - but maybe Keri Hulme could say with Rimbaud:

"Je suis un autre'!

7:58 pm  
Blogger richard said...

Kia ora - Rose Hawarden wasnt invited to Wairau Bar because she didnt ask. I know that because I was in charge of invitations and anyone that was anyone got an invitation to join the 350 people that came. We even invited the children of Duff and Eyles so she didnt really pose a threat. Conspiracy theorists are not a new phenomenon to our people and I well remember the days of playing my beatles album backwards to learn that Paul Macartney was dead, and when he was discovered alive, it was revealed that the "new" Paul was actually an alien.

7:01 pm  
Blogger Declan Fletcher said...

It is wildly amusing reading, I give it that.

Can no-one on a Blog like this remain civilised? I think both sides deserve some merit here, and fail to understand why - if the theories of these conspiracy theorists are so crazy - someone of authority doesn't conduct some transparent and professional research to prove it so.

Can anyone explain?

11:52 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

While bashing my nation, please, at least, spell their name correct. It's Afrikaner, or Afrikaners. You don't see me bashing "Niew-Zeelanders", do you?

6:35 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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A friend told me that my photo was on Scott Hamilton`s blog site. I asked who is he? I was told a Sociologist, no experience in archaeology, science, marine engineering etc or similar, all my subjects.Being unware of what a Blogger was, I checked the definition. Apparently one who has enough time, or narcissism to document every tedious minute of their uneventful lives. I then found I was described as a tourist who had some strange ideas re Chinese in New Zealand. I research for Gavin Menzies ( Royal Navy navigation specialist. I am an engineer with 47 years experience from marine, foundry and surveying, followed by 22 years fulltime, self funding researching Chinese, Roman and Vikings. Surveying over several years in New Zealand,spending some £40,000 Sterling, including using local test houses, proved the Chinese had occupied it from c 1500BC. We also located the Chinese canal linking the Pacific to the Caribbean and their North Atlantic base on Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia and Chinese bases in UK. I do wonder what Scott Hamilton`s contribution to history is. T.Cedric Bell.

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