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HAARPing on about a tragedy

New Zealanders associate our country and its history with earthquakes, in a way that, say, Australians do not, but we tend to expect to expect quakes to strike only quite restricted parts of our islands - Hawkes Bay, and the obscure mountains west of Nelson, and our ill-sited capital city. We also expect a decent interval between the 'big ones' which flatten buildings and shift hills. It is no wonder we are shocked, then, by the two destructive quakes which have hit Christchurch, a city not usually considered to sit on a major faultline, within the space of a few months.

Some Kiwis are trying to deal with the shock of the Christchurch quakes, and the fear that the quakes may be repeated again and again, by turning to conspiracy theories. Here's an excerpt from a long message a reader named Te Hatapihopatapui Olson left at this blog in the aftermath of the first major Christchurch quake:

Modern warfare tactics have developed way beyond the foot soldier, tanks and guns etc... This is why the USA has pulled back in regards further development of nuclear arms. They have a silent and more deadlier weapon - HAARP [High Frequency Active Auroral Research Programme]. I won't go into it here but would like anyone reading this to google it and then perhaps we can dialogue. My city and region has been shattered by a 7.1 magnitude earthquake that shouldn't have happened here as there were no faultlines under our region...

Some of us who are aware of HAARP and who have backgrounds in broadcasting are concerned that there may be US military pressure being brought to bare in retaliation for our anti-nuclear stance and the refusal to allow nuclear ships into our ports. The build up of radio wave technology structures around Canterbury since the ex Prime Minister David Lange days seems too deliberate to be co-incidental as the need for such a proliferation of towers and receivers is more than would be necessary simply for ordinary radio/satellite transmissions...

Olson's explanation of last September's quake might seem eccentric, but it popped up in a number of other corners of the internet, as Matthew Dentith, who monitors conspiratorial thinking, noted in a typically thorough blog post. A facebook group set up to promote the theory that humans were behind last September's quake has well over a hundred members.

Now Christchurch has been hit by a second earthquake less than six months after September's shocking event, and the conspiracy theorists seem to be further encouraged. Uncensored, the Auckland-based website and magazine which blames Jews for 9/11 and regards the Holocaust and global warming as elaborate money-making scams, has hosted absurd claims about seven United States congressman making a secret visit to Christchurch shortly before Tuesday's earthquake. The Yanks were apparently fine-tuning an earthquake-making device they had installed near Birdling's Flat, a fishing village on the bleak coast south of Banks Pensinsula. Uncensored has previously claimed that the 2010 earthquake which levelled much of Haiti occurred after American operatives aimed a HAARP weapon at Iran but got their coordinates wrong.

It's rather hard to understand how seven of America's highest-profile citizens were able to disappear from their nation's capital and reappear in an isolated place at the bottom of the world with so little fuss. It's also hard to see why the US would want to devastate a city which contains the only US-run military base in this country. Logic and evidence, though, have never greatly bothered the conspiracy theorists who run Uncensored and similar publications. They are far more interested in connecting every one of the world's problems to a sinister cabal of Jews. The danger is that, in the confusion caused by Tuesday's shocking events, the conspiracy theorists will win more dupes like Te Hata Olson, and thus, potentially, more recruits to their irrational and anti-semitic political cause.

Humans didn't destroy Christchurch but, as Chris Trotter noted yesterday and as I argued last September, people acting in solidarity with one another and supported by an activist state can rebuild the city.

Footnote: I've just received this message from Dougal McNeil...

All of you in New Zealand will know of the disaster in Canterbury already, and many of you overseas will have learnt that Christchurch and the port city of Lyttleton have been very badly damaged following another, terrible, earthquake earlier this week. Over 70 people are confirmed dead and the number is expected to rise. Many are very badly injured, still more unaccounted for. The Port of Lyttelton is closed.

Our brothers and sisters in the Maritime Union of New Zealand have set up a relief fund to support maritime workers and their families. Please pass this link, providing details for how to make a donation, through your contacts and friends in the trade union movement.


Blogger Liz said...

Why is it the Conspiracy Theorists try to blame aliens, CIA or the Jews for a natural event.

It was a very sad day in Christchurch. The news footage was disturbing and it hit home. We're lucky we weren't affected we still have our homes. For many in Christchurch that is no longer the case. I have family affected down there and their distress is all too real.

Great post well put - thanks Scott for another one of those Food for thought posts

12:47 pm  
Anonymous power0fD00M said...

Blaming the jews and the CIA is bad. Theres this kook website been put up by some god worshipper in Auckland that is blaming the Lesbians for the quake http://www.christchurchquake.net/
Now, this particular jackass is not particularly important or relevant in his own right, but he does raise a valid point.
Surely a Kreator would be responsible for triggering an earthquake. He does not try to deny this, rather his convoluted blaming of the Lesbins is a typical christian way to blame the victim.
Genocide? Its the fault of the gays. Deicide? Its the fault of the jews. A 6 year old boy is raped by the pope? Its the boys fault. And it has to be.
If you believe that the world was created by an all powerful Kreator, then you believe that he planned every genocide, every rape, every case of Downs syndrome, every nuclear test, every benefit cut, every apartheid regime. So how can this be reconciled? Only by designating the victim as the criminal.

3:55 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What this earthquake shows is the immense power of Nature and death. No human weapon or technology can produce such forces. If say nuclear bombs were used they would be easily detected. Any radio system (say an attempt to produce a "resonation") also would be detected as the frequency and power levels would be known immediately (even and especially by Amateur radio people who are in fact very conversant with anything involving radio)...

But in some ways the power of it, the very destruction is a good thing. It shows us that there is clearly no God (as we know it or speculate it) and that as humans we simply are irrelevant (God if existent is at best hostile at worst(or really best?) totally indifferent)...it shows that "progress" is also a (pathetic) peoples' idea...as are idealistic humanistic ideas of the "fighting spirit" and all that sad stuff...

Humans just don't figure. Evil can indeed triumph, and triumph totally.

There are no guarantees.

If there is some God, that God is either made of..well...a very complex being whose nature is beyond any Christian or other religious knowledge ...whatever the mystery of our Being is it is clear that, humans as such are not in the equation as being blessed or favoured more over say, well over rocks or dust or microbes..any alnes wil be in the same predicament sub specie aeternitatis.

I think it would be advisable to abandon Christchurch altogether and destroy it and rebuild it where the probability of an earthquake is hopefully much less...but even then there would be no guarantees...but the future is bleak for mere humans...

But this is not to deny the importance of the (always ultimately failing) quest for some deep insight into the nature of Being and of human consciousness...of sentience and the Nature of matter...but it wil never really involve humans "at the centre" as we would like or fondly imagine. These forces are blind and merciless and wonderfully show the uselessness of any attempt recovery or "progress".... We could indeed be totally immolated as a species...all life may well be destroyed. We cant predict this wont happen.

(Global warming is probably nonsense, but in the long run we face extermination in any case)

We have to seek essential knowledge (but it may be a futile quest) as far as we can through our awareness of our being. But futile as it is, it is our only project of interest.

It is a joyful Gotterdammering whose flames we now see; we should be ecstatic in, this terrible and undeniable higher beauty of great destruction as stern and exact and inevitable and as insane as death...it is a fearful symmetry or asymmetry. Fear being the purest emotion in the face of The reality of Nature. Fear uniting with an wonderful and gloriously insane joy.

1:32 am  
Blogger Richard said...

I believe that Maps has been "sent" by the NZ Uni Anthropology Department (funded by them maybe because of his work in the area of conspiracies) to the Olduvai Gorge to investigate another "twsit" in...I think it is whether Maori came from Turkmenistan or somewhere (or) to do with where they originated from...by eliminating Olduvai...

11:39 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maps asked why the US would destroy a city which contained their only military base in NZ. Clearly the military base was set up as a cover for the evil CIA scientists who are in Chch monitoring the effects of the HAARP raygun. They have been planning this for 30 years, Operation Deep Freeze is actually a CIA research program to monitor the effects of the Chch Quake. The fact that there is no evidence of this what so ever, only proves how clever they are.

The fact that I am being sarcastic and saying so, in no way changes the fact that conspiracy theorists will adopt my theory and add it to the explanation.


9:40 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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1:37 am  
Anonymous Ben Vidgen said...

I certainly don't blame the Jews. I do blame oil politics and the US interest in making sure we come back into the club. Care to comment on the developments in this field since the quakes.

Visa the vips in chch that public record.

Ditto the mass whale standings, the mass reports of sonic booms and fire balls (caused by the em field being heated)which all occurred before hand. Time and time and time and time again we see this pattern. But I guess that all a coincidence.

"What this earthquake shows is the immense power of Nature and death. No human weapon or technology can produce such forces. If say nuclear bombs were used they would be easily detected. Any radio system (say an attempt to produce a "resonation") also would be detected as the frequency and power levels would be known immediately (even and especially by Amateur radio people who are in fact very conversant with anything involving radio)".

Flawed assumption:

1. We know fracking (way less powerful) can cause seismic activity. Nor do you need nukes Operation Mercury and Operation Vulcan (all reported in mainstream in the 1990's) achieved the same results with conventional explosives.

2. There were in fact many reports by amateur radio wave operators of such "resonance" while 'Haarp''s own spectrometer showed it was operating at very high level.

3. Not taking into account the European parliament dub HAARP a climate weapon. You have secretary of Defense William Cohen stating

“Others [terrorists] are engaging even in an eco-type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves… So there are plenty of ingenious minds out there that are at work finding ways in which they can wreak terror upon other nations…It’s real, and that’s the reason why we have to intensify our [counterterrorism] efforts.”

Context: this is not an off the cuff remark but a prepared speech given at symposium organised by Senator Sam Nunn (armed service and intelligence select committee chairman)for a room full of academic specialist.

In 1996 Nunn chaired the Senate investigation into the use of emp weapon in the outback of Australia by terrorists in 1993 which was based on a similar investigation by the Australian senate investigation.

The public released version of both report were inconclusive (refused to say one way otr the other). But bear in mind that willing to investigate this feasibility to begin with. Surely that tells you something.

The Aust study was based of AFP police surveillance notes of the Cult Aum Shrinyko. The corroboration of the AFP interest in the cult is based on Christine Chamarette (Greens WA)question to Immigration Minister Nick Bolkus in parliament in 1993.It follows on from the May 28 1993 fireball which went off over Perth with equivalent energy of over 100 Hiroshimas. AFP records state the cult were using Russian emp technology which now forms the back bone of Australia's own "super emp" bomb research program.

Since then the pattern referred to in both investigations (mass sonic booms, fireball, radio disturbances) have being repeated in Indonesia Boxing day Haiti, Japan, Philippines.

I reported BEFORE the Boxing Day quake CHCH would be hit again based on what I was seeing BEFORE the quake occurred which I just repeated.

From NOV 8- 17 i like wise went out on public record as saying Bay of Plenty would be hit I cited the scale and location accurately.

Mainstream media never report this back ground data, speak to astrophysicists or weapons engineers, who are on record as acknowledging this technology exists and can corroborate my account of how this technology works (see also Nigel Hammond's an invisible world BBC).

But hey why let the facts get in the way of dogma based on cognitive dissonance.

2:58 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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