Tuesday, May 13, 2014

From Titford to Taua

Allan Titford, a long-time activist for the One New Zealand Foundation and an enthusiastic advocate of the notion that a white civilisation existed in these islands thousands of years ago before being extirpated by evil Polynesians, was sentenced to twenty-four years in prison last year after a court decided that he was guilty of a series of rapes and of burning his own house down.

Titford has been abandoned by some of his more canny co-thinkers, like sometime Act MP Muriel Newman and the 1 Law 4 All Party, but he retains the supports of a few paranoiacs, including the folks who run a giveaway rag in Pukekohe, that small South Auckland town with a glorious history of racism. Titford's defenders blame his incarceration of a vast and sinister conspiracy involving National MP John Carter, Maori radicals, the United Nations, and a gang of 'PC academics' which apparently includes yours truly.

I'm not responsible for framing Titford, but I did talk with Iulia Leilua, who works for Maori Television's Native Affairs programme, early this year, when she was researching a documentary about the man and his defenders. The documentary, which is screening in two parts this week, features an interview with my old mate Justin Taua, whose article denouncing Titford's mates in Pukekohe appeared on this blog back in 2009.

Justin's article is a part of the contribution that Paul Janman, Ian Powell and I have made to the A Sense of Place exhibition, which opened at the Papakura Art Gallery on Saturday. Paul, Ian, and I have left Justin's text on a table in the gallery, and also packed it into a 'conceptual bomb' that we've left beside the so-called 'Bombay Obelisk', a pile of stones between the Great South Road and the Southern Motorway which Titford and co believe is part of the remains of an ancient white civilisation.

The 'bomb' at Bombay is one a of a series of caches we've left up and down the Great South Road. You can read about the caches and their meanings on the website Paul has made.

[Posted by Scott Hamilton]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

what losers titford's supporters are...and they can't put their apostrophes in the right places either...cf that sad looking van...

9:32 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Watch part two

11:43 am  
Anonymous Whitepowder said...

Looks like JAnsell has gone all the way down the rabbithole with Celtic NZ by endorsing the theory...
and Act sold their liberal soul for this guy. Comical.

11:53 am  
Blogger Richard said...

I read about that deception by Titford. The kind of thing the Nazis used to do: dress some Poles up in German uniforms, shoot them, then place them in Poland and use it as an excuse to invade Poland as Germany had been attacked by "terrorists".

Could well have been what the US did in 9/11. Faked a terrorist attack, then blamed it on "terrorists". History repeats, sadly.

The "conceptual bomb" idea is a great one.

3:25 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

has anyone seen the racist tirade ansell has unleashed against maori tv on his blog in the aftermath of this doco. what a dick.

5:16 pm  
Blogger Richard said...

Ansell is an ugly little man. Maori TY just showed a documentary by John Pilger (which can be seen on YouTube) and it got the thumbs up by the Listener reviewer.

Now that is one thing they do, they have very good documentaries.

I think I voted last time for the Maori party or maybe it was Mana or both even though I'm not Maori as I knew my electorate always goes National (or Labour, there's not a huge difference); some friends I have are big on The Greens.

Pukekohe is a strange place indeed almost like one of those stereotypical Southern US towns you see in movies...well there are so many of them but maybe in 'Mississippi Burning' or something or something from McCarthy, Flannery O'Conner, Peter Taylor or Faulkner...

But these strange alternative theories attract not only the completely racist or the insane like some we could mention: there is a fascination with "other possibilities" or other results as in say those who support one or other side of the David Bain issue - and how can - who can really know? So there is that attraction of the mysterious.

I read Aku-Aku as teenager as well as von Daniken who was clearly either a racist or seriously challenged: but Thor Heyerdahl's books are (or were to me many years ago!) fascinating. He was wrong, all he proved was that sailors COULD have come from South America.

However, on the Island itself he organised local people and they worked on lifting to a vertical state one of the huge statues. The process and procedure clearly showed that humans could (as they did) fairly easily lift them. Similarly (by extrapolation) the problem of the Pryamid construction is simply one of time and technique. Some basic maths and engineering skills. The Pyramids like the Iraqian ziggurats were small and stepped at first and slowly over time the larger pyramids were built.

They were massive monuments against death.

But there are no Pyramids in Pukekohe or anywhere else in Aotearoa.

8:42 pm  
Anonymous Scott said...

'Pukekohe is a strange place indeed almost like one of those stereotypical Southern US towns you see in movies'

Well said!

8:46 am  
Blogger Richard said...

I suppose one can be affected by what one knows. But the history of NZ is not that squeaky clean re our racial attitudes. Pilger also talks about Australia in his book (very good I thought) 'The Lucky Country'...all is not well in that 'lucky' place.

Did that PhD or thesis re racism in NZ (and Pukekohe) get published as a (physical) book? It looks interesting.

Titford is a bad egg for sure. Perhaps the bros will deal to him in prison...Make him squeal like a pig a la 'Deliverance'!!

8:21 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ansell claims Titofrd is a political prisoner. The Mandela of NZ...

12:07 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ohn Ansell the twit supports a racist woman and child abuser
Where's the link to the so called interview Sue Titford admitting she lied to media. Typifying Maori as abusive people, that's a stereotype long been played up by racist like John Ansell , Pakeha and media the like. Look at the real abusers in this case not Te Roroa sorry.

7:11 pm  
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