Sunday, August 08, 2004

Aussie comrade dies at Mt Hutt

The new Weekly Worker concludes with a Red Slaute to Josh Heuchan, the Aussie socialist, trade unionist, human rights activist and 'polymath of sports' who was killed in a skiing accident near Mt Hutt last Friday. Josh, who was skilled in soccer, surfing, wrestling and kickboxing as well as skiing, died when he fell thirty metres into a hidden crevasse. Josh's friend Marcus Strom ends his obituary with these words:

Josh took his life seriously and was committed to his friends and family without a trace of cynicism. My comrade saw the perverse and absurd side of life and was happy to laugh along with it over a nice rare steak and a beer. He was bloody good company and a top cook.

Words fail me. I will grieve Josh’s passing for a long time to come and will look for him and his humanity in our friends and comrades for years to come. His body is trapped permanently in a glacier beneath the mountain that took him. It is fitting that a mountain stands as a monument to Josh. His was a huge personality and his love was boundless. My dear friend and comrade, you are desperately missed. My thoughts are with Gwen, as well as Carol, Bill and Angela. And from all your friends and comrades, Josh, a red salute. You are not forgotten.


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