Friday, November 19, 2004

In from the cold

It's official: cryptozoology 'can come in from the cold'. According to the Nature magazine, the recent extraordinary discoveries on Flores 'make it more likely that stories of other mythical creatures such as yetis are founded on grains of truth'.

Does this mean that the Moehau Man, the Lake Ellesmere otter (scroll down), the Taupo taniwha, the Canterbury Bight Pleiosaur, and the Fiordland Moose are on the radar screen? Anyone up for an expedition?

How about flying rods? Australian dropbears?

Not everyone gets with the Flores programme, according to this Creationist website. Be interesting to ask Brian Tamaki for his take on the discovery - I guess the old 'God created this to test our faith' line that 'worked' so well for the fossil record could be recycled.


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