Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Newsflash: Venezuela expropriates

News just came in today of the apparent expropriation of a 32,000 acre Vestey beef farm in Venezuela's Cojedes state. Vestey is a UK MNC, and several of their farms in Aussie were the target of landmark Aboriginal strikes and occupations in the 1960s, struggles commemorated in Paul Kelly's song 'From Little Things Big Things Grow'.

I found these photos (scroll down the page that opens) on the right-wing Venezuealan blog The Devil's Excrement (that's a Venezuelan term for oil!).

Take the commentary with a grain of salt...

Update: the trouble with these right-wing scaremongers is that they excite us irrational optimists on the left. It turns out that the Venezuelan government is not using the 'e' word, and is actually trying to work out some sort of compromise between Vestey and the landless peasants' movement. Jorge Martin's report, which you can read here, gives a sober appraisal of the situation, but the right-wingers aren't listening, if this new bout of hysteria on the v crisis blogsite is anything to go by.
Chavez as 'Marxist dictator'? If only...


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