Friday, March 03, 2006

Cows and Deerhooves

I've been meaning to draw attention to the little snakes of silver throat, which is a blog being run by Muzzlehatch, a muso, authentic working class bloke, underground publisher, and regular funder of my sojourns to Charlie's Bar and other dodgy K Rd watering holes.

Muzzlehatch's blog's title must come either from a bad porn novel or a Thomas Lovell Beddoes poem, and its content ranges from the artificial insemination of recalcitrant cows to love lyrics, sometimes in the course of the same post. Now I see that I've joined Daisy the Guernsey as a bit part player in the drama of Muzzlehatch's life: I'm immortalised as 'the big student bloke' (I'm not sure which adjective is more burdensome) in this post on the band Deerhoof, whom we saw play in the suspiciously fancy environs of K Rd's 4:20 club a couple of weeks back. Enjoy.


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