Friday, June 02, 2006

Muzzlehatch's big night

In case you haven't guessed from his derisory output of posts, my erstwhile collaborator (oh, for a not-erstwhile collaborator!) Muzzlehatch (see photo of the man at work, in happier days, below) has been at a bit of a low ebb lately. A slump in Auckland's building trade and a consequent lack of funds for
imported free noise CDs, imported boutique beers, and other mind-altering substances hasn't helped the man's mood.

Help may be at hand, though - Muzzlehatch has a date, that's right a date, tonight! Let's wish him all the best - for the sake of this blog, as much as himself. Unless he starts posting again soon Reading the Maps is going to degenerate into a soliloquy. I'm so desperate I'm even thinking of promoting Sanjay Wells from the comments boxes...)

Go Muzzlehatch!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes please!
I'd teach those rappers all about tough talking!

I am your etc

3:53 pm  
Anonymous Mike B said...

I know for a fact that photo's actually of Marc Cooper!

Anyways, finally finished marking a massive bunch of essays so might be able to provide a post this weekend if all goes well.


5:57 pm  
Blogger Richard Taylor said...


Is a deeply tragic figure - he is comsumption itself -
his Life yearning for it's own flesh -he is Death bursting to break out - he is America -he is NZ.

11:31 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

mr taylor - larger people deserve to be loved to. and this muzzlehatch is no more egregious than john prescott!

(converted blow job lover)

12:36 am  
Blogger muzzlehatch said...

MAPS you S.O.B, as soon as I get some clothes on I'm comin round to kick your XXX. But hold on, I seem to recall I have a rather dodgy photo of you on my harddrive post coming up!

10:21 am  

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