Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Nuke the voters!

Being a leftie in the Land of the Long White Cloud is tough, especially at election time. Back in 1999 I remember giving my party vote to the Alliance and my constituency vote to that mass organisation known as the Communist League. The Alliance struggled to a disappointing 7% of the national vote and soon imploded, and the Communist League scored a glorious 27 votes in my Auckland Central electorate. Last year I very reluctantly voted Labour, but gave my constituency vote to the Anti Capitalist Alliance, who reaped - I think - just under a hundred votes in the revolutionary hotspot that is Mt Albert.

But derisory election returns do bring one benefit - they inculcate a certain humility, and help guard against the dangers of over-optimism. No such protection has been available to the cadre of the Republican Party, and they are taking their losses in America's midterm elections without a great deal of grace. Faced with the prospect of a long-overdue voter revolt against more than a decade of Republican domination of the House of Representatives and Congress, some of the folks at the Free Republic blog are throwing almighty tantrums. Here are a few quotes from a discussion thread:

This is a Disaster for America and the World and makes me question the wisdom of our democracy. The Democrats, given power will destroy the nation and therefore for the sake of our nation is should be considered if the Democrats should be seated by the current GOP Leadership. Such an action would look bad for the GOP but would be the best for America...

The Media.They need to be knocked down a notch or two. We are at war, and what they have done to harm our country is indefensible! They have their boys in, now what? I can actually see CNN chomping at the bit to see a real nuke go off in one of our cities. We have capitulated to our enemy, they are the real winners here. The American people do not realize what they have done...

The strings have been pulled, we will just have to wait to see who wins the war. I have little faith in the American public, having the pleasure of traveling our beautiful country on a regular basis, and meeting many of the limp wrist-ed, which are getting rarer, as the illegals now have their jobs. The majority of people I work around, are the "you owe me" crowd. Fifteen years ago I would have never made a statement like this, but things have really changed. Allot of these people I have the pleasure to work around were born in barns, or jerked up, not raised. We are loosing the cultural war, and the War on Terror. Pray for our troops...

Over at the notorious Little Green Footballs site - approach with extreme caution - the mood is even more fervid:

Americans are MORONS. The women are too absorbed with Oprah and Desperate Housewives and I don't know about the guys. So much for the blogosphere effecting any change in this country. The MSM triumphs once again. President Barack Obama anyone?

I quite [sic]. I not going to vote again. It's time I gave up on this political bullshit. I just hope the nuke attack comes soon. Let it be on the East Coast where it belongs.

Isn't it remarkable how the much-vaunted patriotism of the right disappears at times like this? I wonder how a message from Osama bin Laden describing Americans as 'morons' and calling for a nuke attack on the East Coast would go down on Free Republic or Little Green Footballs...


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