Friday, February 02, 2007

Not bad for an old bloke

Sitting on the balcony of the venerable and near-deserted HQ of the Auckland Cricket Club, beneath a very young and very badly painted Queen Liz and a musty blazer that once belonged to Jeff Crowe, I watched EP Thompson knock over the top order of the Auckland Aces and set the Central Districts Stags up for an upset win yesterday. Not bad for a bloke born in 1924, I thought. Check the scorecard (he got 32 valuable runs as well as those wickets) here. Those lessons from the visiting Nehru in the backyard at Boar's Hill back in the '30s are finally paying off.

JM How (captain), PJ Ingram, TI Weston, MS Sinclair, GR Hay, BBJ Griggs, EP Thompson, BJ Diamanti, GJT Hegglun, CJM Furlong, BE Hefford
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