Saturday, June 16, 2007

Enclosing the Pacific

The industrious Omar Hamed has incorporated parts of my recent post on East Timor into a survey of 'Occupation, neo-colonialism, and enclosure in the Pacific'. Ye olde Marx-Bakunin dispute rumbles on in the comments box. Omar has done a fine job of keeping us up to date with important but under-reported events in the Pacific in the past.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Maps, Skyler, & Muzzlehatch:

Thanks for a lovely time last Wednesday night.

Look forward to seeing you all soon.



10:13 pm  
Blogger Skyler said...

Hi Michael,
It was great meeting you and we look forward to more evenings like it. Hope to see you at the Kings Arms on the 2nd - I think Maps or Muzzlehatch will do a post on the event soon.

1:21 am  

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