Thursday, September 27, 2007

Dunedin (click to enlarge)


Anonymous Bill Direen said...

Comment? Co-mens? Common minds? Different minds surely, filled with all sorts of different things. Even our darknesses must be different. To each his or her darknesses. The darkness of a novella I have been working on for years, for example -- it developing, not like a photograph but into several darknesses ... is it existential or psychological or laughable? Hard to comment on these wordless beauties (shots of myself excluded). Full of light, thank God Daguerre or whoever invented the digital camera. I like the one of the waves... Dunedin salutes thee, Scotus! ... Bill

10:06 am  
Blogger harvey molloy said...

"Every picture tells a story." Great pictures tell great stories. Every story tells a picture. Pictures are stories without words. Stories are pictures not written in light. And I will not tag the streets; I will not tag the streets. Great stuff; wonderful photos.

3:09 pm  
Anonymous steve dean said...

a nice journey, s'good to see Bill looking so well. Steve

6:50 pm  
Blogger Richard Taylor said...

Hi Bill

I commented last night but stuffed it - so

Re quality darkness etc see my EYELIGHT Blog entries:

Images are good - Comrade Maps has pinched some ideas of mine!

1:07 am  
Anonymous bill direen said...

Rrrichard! Grreetings! richardinfinitex? Darrkness visible. Scotus! Grrreat photos cheers. Still lighting that firrre evenings... brrr. I'm having another jam with Stu this afternoon, so we'll have a listen to your poems. Re my earrlier comments, the keyboard had been brrrr... drrr...blinking. Bill

10:59 am  
Blogger Richard Taylor said...


greeeeetinggs to thee!!

the subtle scotiie Docteouore (no' a dunse tho) hath an image placed of thou's foire
in Doonoideeen...toowne

it doth looketh very tres warrme !!

thou must ave abart theee eyy recardin ay deeed
what was ant propaaerelly foineieeshed

baart eet ees ooo kaye anuffey ..aaye...

Aheeie weeellle.....

re colde - it get's sunny here -

but the next day
it's cold and grey
like today -

but loife proceedeth.


4:26 pm  
Blogger Richard Taylor said...

I like that: "into several darknesses"


"Different minds surely, filled with all sorts of different things. Even our darknesses must be different. To each his or her darknesses."

Could be the start of another work of words.


4:31 pm  
Anonymous jual keripik said...

all nice pictures ..i love it!

9:11 pm  

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