Saturday, May 02, 2009

Malawi, Manhire, Mugabe - Ted speaks out

If you missed last night's launch of Ted Jenner's Writers in Residence and other captive fauna and are keen to hear the old devil speak, then you can tune in to this interview at the Internet Archive.

Late last year, when Ted was still fiddling with Writers and Residence, Muzzlehatch and I dragged him out to Muzzlehatch's dacha in bushy West Auckland. The first part of the interview, which covered Ted's boyhood and apprenticeship at Otago University, has somehow been erased, but in the fifty minutes of tape left we manage to discuss subjects as various as the crimes of Plato, the parrallels between George Bush and certain ancient rulers, the poetry of Bill Manhire, the philosophy of Heraclitus, the catastrophe of AIDS in Africa, the idiocies of the Mugabe regime in Zimbabwe, the economy of Malawi, and the problems of conducting land reform in post-colonial nations.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ted Jenner talks kinda sly.

9:37 am  
Blogger Richard Taylor said...

Good interview Maps

10:17 pm  

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